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tanvi kaur says:

the time when they didn’t had iPhones

Glambabenr1 says:

This was actually filmed on my birthday! :D

M SS says:


Hannah Garvey says:

I have been to Wezz! When your at that age it’s the best place ever,
looking back it’s the smallest most horrible room! 

flipfunk says:

How much did it cost?

Nikolasreborns17 says:

She is so adorable now :3

Keri Xianne says:

Are you suppose to pull over to the right to let the ambulance through?!

Ultrasound Dimensions says:

Their scan is at Ultrasound Dimensions in Blackrock :)

LaurenAlexandra711 says:

I have this theory that first borns look more like the father (like I do,
and I’ve observed it in other people lol) but I think she looks more like
Anna! Wow I still can’t believe you’re pregnant!! Like sometimes it hits me
and it’s a shock all over again haha, just because I remember you from when
you first started on youtube and you’ve changed so much, not for the better
or worse or anything, just regular changes people go through. But yeah, so
happy for you both :) <3

karmaquest says:

awwwww so amazing guys!! xx

Orla Daly says:

I go to wezz :)

Tina Malina says:

She has Jonathan’s nose and your mouth :)

Tiaamii1000 says:

aww how cute and today is her due date come on baby Emilia don’t be too
late! lol

PhoneMrMadness says:

at 17.56 you were in phiosbourg :) close to glasnevin cemetry

Siobhan McMahon says:

food comes with potato chips…what?

Asnxmiduhyo5 says:

This is so amazing, and thanks so much for sharing such a sentimental
moment with us<3

Rachel Newman says:

awwwwwwwwwww i waz bout to cry…shes soooooooooooooooo cutee. i love u
guys soo much!

sproutattackx says:

Aww that’s just adorable :-)

Andy2Luv says:

Oh dear, it seems that I have offended “TheSandralhou”. First of all,
please allow me to say how cowardly this was of you to hide your comment
where I most likely would never see it. Had someone not messaged me about
this little tirade of yours I more than likely would have never known. For
future reference, if you have something to say all you need to do is reply
to said comment. This not only will save you the mundane task of retyping
someone’s comment it also allows the person that you have

smellysarah14 says:

i was in dublin airport yesthurday

loyoyaNL says:

That was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing. You are truely so kind. I’m
so happy for you guys. God bless you! Love you!! xxx

PinoyPvPHD says:


IrishFinnishStyle says:

The area where the mcdonalds was is Phibsbourgh

Dillon Diaries says:

looks like she has annas nose and mouth!! so cool

peaceshoplove1 says:

Omg, that was soooo adorable and so cool to see her. Emilia is beautiful,
and she does look like Anna!

Megan Bosley says:

Aaawwww bless xxxx

SoOriginalTV says:

She deffo has annas nose

ashleyrp2007 says:

that 4d thing is so cool

Chloe Sapienza says:

There’s a Dr Quirkeys Good Time Emporium on O Connell Street its an arcade/
pool/ casino place :)

beautybargainbuster says:

I live in dun Laoighre!!! Woooo

TayAndBaby2012 says:

She has Anna’s lips and Jofus’s nose! She’s gorgeous! :)

MasterReturnz says:

18:16 you were in Balymon and you drove by my primary school :DDD

Mandy L says:

awww shes so perfect

Isxbel says:

Aaaaaaaaah you mentioned 1D (^-^)/

PinoyPvPHD says:

Do you live in Ireland?

xLittleLover says:

She is going to be so pretty! :-)

AliceUmIThinkSo says:


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