PART TWO Baby Ezrah 4D 32 Weeks Ultrasound

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lappyrod says:

Why a christmas song? that was on december?hehe

elacomedido says:

I bet you own the machine

Kok Kee Lam says:

anyone knowing where to have this scan done? thanks. 

Crissty Hopkins says:

Babies are awesome! Had my lil man in May 2014. Love these 4d ultrasounds.

Susan MinhTrang Nguyen says:

That’s amazing! Wish they had this 15 years ago.

Agostina Borzacchiello says:

emozionante una delle cose più belle della vita

Aaliyah Ya says:

It so beautiful I’m tearing down because now I’m 15 weeks pregnant and
happy but worried because after I lost my 2 pregnancy one of them at 31week
it lil nerved rocking but hold trust I will see my baby

Kassidy Dunn says:

wow this video made me cry. i am currently 32 weeks pregnant and i don’t
think i could have survived this without my man. you are a very strong

Amanda Lopez says:

32 weeks!!!

thefinestofthetime says:

This is a girl.

MelonJMusic says:

Have you seen The Bumps Along The Way channel? The woman there has a very
similar story to yours. Lost 2, the second a still birth. She’s currently
documenting her 3rd pregnancy and is about 32 weeks now. Check them out,
she’s got great bump updates. And pray all goes well with yours! :}

madison Alexander says:

I love that this was for a dad who is a soldier, very very sweet. I too am
a military wife who has had to deal with the heartache of a deployment. If
you are not a a spouse, child or parent of a deployed service member you
just cannot understand the little things that bring such joy to your heart.
I am sure this video gave him the courage and drive needed to get through
each day. I realize this was a few years or so back, but nonetheless it was
an incredibly beautiful thing to do. God bless.

Heidelen Ann Recto says:

this made me cry…i’m 32 weeks pregnant now.

banhmiopla says:

what;s the title song?

Sanni Partanen says:

Adorable! <3 I am pregnant at 32 weeks now. :)

Ashley Kidd says:

I’m actually do december 14th. i sing this song to my daughter all the
time. (:

♥ CHRISTINE ♥ says:

Technology is incredible.

jasmynita says:

This is 3lw haha singing


this is a sweet video.. i am 32 week too:)

Mark gray says:

What a horrible song

yulia korompis says:


Perla RodriguezColon says:

Im so in Love♡

Perla RodriguezColon says:

Im so in Love♡

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