our little miracle – 8 week ultrasound

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Deniz Guler says:

he or she now?

kirstie Boo says:

Awwww i remember when my babies were this big :)…beautiful

EuroStatus1985 says:

@trittymate who the hell are u talking to?

sxmand says:

shame all goes when they reach teen yrs! had four. by way fast beat is a
girl. Under 150 a boy. midwife once told me and i had 3 girls and one boy.
was true everytime time. girls usually higher beat over 150

jasminedenor says:


Jenna Langford says:

Thanks so much for sharing this! Did the doctors give you a copy of the

MrJASON7895 says:

you know my gf had an abortion at 8 weeks i feel so bad abortion really

xxReshDollxx says:

im currently 8 weeks :) almost 9

peaceofallyou says:

it is not our miracle.. which organ you made?that made from God.. Only and
single ..non common.. Allah..

Josee Limoges says:

I do not understand how someone can be rude or even negative with someone
is trying to share there joy and happiness with the world of becoming a
parent will never understand that if you cant be happy for them then don’t
say anything at all but don’t even bother watching the videos congrats to
you are your little one hope all the best for you and your family

GSHMEG says:

Beautiful!! What a great ultrasound!!

AmericanGirlAndProud says:

What a nice heart beat im eight weeks prego with my second child, and to
“SXMAND” my daughters heartrate was always around 130-135 the heartrate has
nothing to do with the sex of the baby that is something that was said a
long time ago and it is wrong!!

ShandySpoon says:

@peaceofallyou Nothing to do with God, and if you had been through what a
mother has to endure throughtout pregnancy you’d shut it. I feel sick as
dog because MY body is creating and providing for my baby, not God’s.

Maiia666 says:

amazing… <3

Yippee_Ki_Yay MF says:

You are a tip rat. Shame on you for even attempting to minimise the joy of
parenthood. If you are indeed a parent as you allude to, then I feel sorry
for your children who have such a selfish parent.


@MrJASON7895 im sorry thats really sad ta hear ….ur babyz in heaven

Ashley Green says:

Dont make statements as if they were facts. That is a myth. My sons
heartrate was always 160+ and my daughters 120-130.

formerbu says:

I don’t think she meant it was the miracle she created, but God’s gift to

Saj Sajid says:

@ShandySpoon yes, mother body become the source of food and protection for
baby, but make the mother the source of food and protection ? who decided
that mother body is the best place for this purpose? who put love in the
mother heart, that even though she endure so much pain and suffering yet
she accept it all with happiness… think about it..

shaunandjess1 says:

aww so sweet i was 8 weeks pregnant yest 21.09.09…i cnt wait :)

Ashley Kubacki says:

@trittymate im confused who you are saying this too and why?

Yippee_Ki_Yay MF says:

@lilcountrygrl10 So am I now… It was a year ago so I don’t really
remember. I think the person it was in response to has probably deleted
their account or something, so their posts are gone. But my post looks
kinda strange standing alone there 😉

peaceofallyou says:

@ShandySpoon so, you get a pencil and make a your baby picture?.. have you

MrRage310 says:

What a beautiful baby you must be 2 proud parents, my best wishes to the 2
of you and may you charish the love and care you have for one another =..)

busaksak says:

very touching heartbeat!

paper doll says:

im 8 weeks and 1 day i cant wait for my first scan

beyeh says:

wow! I am 8weeks pregnant too.. and this is my first baby I always pray the
safety of our baby ^_^ I cant wait till the day she/he will born ^_^

Ashley Kubacki says:

@trittymate haha oh ok

Thealphachief118 says:

OMG i saw the heart beat

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