Our Journey: 22 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

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So I had been really worried that at 22 weeks, I still couldn’t see any movement and couldn’t feel a lot either :/ Never would have thought it was just an Anterior placenta! Baby boy smiles and we get to see his tongue!


Jazeraca says:

I have the same problem. 22 weeks 2 days, and I think I’ve felt baby move a
few times, but not sure. I have an anterior placenta, and it is causing me
a lot of stress, because so many mom’s talk about how their baby moves all
the time. I have a doppler coming tomorrow in the mail so hopefully that
can give me some reassurance. 

Nukroth says:

i have an anterior placenta and i felt movement since 15 weeks and im a
first time mom. I actually took a video today of him kicking at 21 weeks
and you can see him moving :) i have a video of it on my page :) so even
though your doctor was saying it blocks it, its still very possible to feel

Kristen Snyder says:

I was getting worried that I couldn’t feel by baby too, but at 20 weeks, I
learned I had an anterior placenta too. Now im 22 weeks and I feel her a
lot. It’s not always strong, but I can feel it! Such a relief. 

Qadirah Sultan says:

wow i felt my baby at 14 in a half weeks….thats pretty late…but

Dominique Boykins says:

I have an anterior placenta….when did u start feeling him?…

MissMellyDi says:

I started feeling him around 32 weeks :)

Krystal Hilton says:

When did you start feeling him?

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