Our baby girl @ 28 weeks – 3d ultrasound

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This is the 3d ultrasound we had of our little girl @ 28 weeks pregnant.
Annotations will guide you through the different cute things she does. At one point she scratches her forehead with her toe!!!

Starts with some of the lullaby rendition of Metallica.
Clip of Paul Davis – Sweet Life
Loudon Wainwright III – Daughter


Haiklu Sampada says:

That’s my daughter in the water, where do you find such befitting songs?

Pearl Tiffany Alfarero says:

wow!! lovely.. 

TheZarbodShow says:

Those are seriously some of the best prenatal videos I’ve ever seen.
Seriously, amazing. You also win the award for: Best Use of a Song by
Metallic in a Baby Video!

lilmizzcurious says:

thankyou for sharing such a beautiful video

bwings says:

well put :)

bwings says:

Thank you :)

bwings says:

I’m actually in the beginning stages now :) so excited. Could be anywhere
from a few hours to a few weeks. :)

Allen Booth says:

Gena— I know that CAT scans (or CT scans, if you prefer) are often
recorded onto DVDs. Are ultrasounds?

bogusbutterfly says:

Like bwings said, we all have to die someday, I just hope yours is a LOT
sooner so there is one less of “your type” in this world. Sick and sad
pathetic little man.

bwings says:

well you’ll need to rip it onto your computer and then it’ll be in a VOB
format. You’ll need to have a converter to convert it to avi. Hope that
helps. If you have more questions though, add me on facebook and I can send
a more detailed message. :)

TheZarbodShow says:

It’s One off of And Justice For All (I remember it from 10th grade).
Ironically it is also about someone who can’t move around much and can’t
see or hear. However I suspect baby has better prospects after making her
grand appearance.

tillthedayidie123 says:

What the hell is wrong with you? I mean are you really that pathetic that
you have to go and wish death upon a child who hasn’t even entered the
world…it’s people like you who will make her life harder and tougher than
it has to be! You make the world a nastier place than it already is! Stop
wasting your time and do something productive! And when is the last time
you brought a bright sunny baby into the world?? hmm???

Erikapage82 says:

so cute…

bwings says:

LMAO sorry, I have to laugh, a kitten is more dangerous than a fetus.
*shakes head* if this was intended as a hater comment I have to tell you
that you failed. You only made me laugh…. at you. :p

FarrahsxMommy says:

what did you name her?

ceilim says:

ur preggers

Anthony Powell says:

Amazing!Congrats!when is the due date?

krista1154 says:

Oliver said – “all kinds of monkeys can scratch their heads with their
feet” I said “so are you saying the baby is a monkey?” Oliver “NO!! Monkeys
and babies can both do it Mommy!” exaggerated eye roll. LOLOL! children are

bwings says:

it all depends on where you live and the hospital you use. Each differs in
policy. Here we have two hospitals. One will print off 2 photos for you.
The other gets upset saying, “this is a medical procedure not a
recreational activity.” We had ours done at a recreational location for
cash. hope that helps

Allen Booth says:

Well, in Birmingham, Alabama (where I used to live), St. Vincent’s Hospital
and UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) Hospital are probably both
ultrasound-equipped. This is no doubt also true of UAH (University of
Alabama in Huntsville) Hospitaland Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville,
Tennessee. As I recall, when my niece was “in utero” [ca. 1993], UAH
printed her ultrasound scans onto videotape.(My sister and her husband
lived in Huntsville @ the time.)

bluebwings says:

Oh, like you can talk. You don’t even HAVE a video. Try making at least one
video so we can see your baby hating face!

iamblocked says:

I agree, that’s fucking sick man! Who would say that to someone! I mean
clearly bwings takes it pretty cool with her statement and the guy will
likely bugger off. But frig, that has got to be one of the sickest comments
I have EVER seen in my life! Just sick!

lee foster says:

Beautiful video! Congrats! I stopped on my page too see my sons ultrasound
video and somehow ended up on your page. God bless you and your family

bwings says:

thank you :) I think she’s perfect… but I am biased :p

bluebwings says:

well said :)

bwings says:


bwings says:

@saintjeni how’s the baby? :)

bwings says:

lol fair enough.

bwings says:

WOW that IS pretty ironic. The whole original DVD is all metallica lullaby
rendition. Did I ever send you that link? It’s pretty cool. They have
various other artists too, like nirvana etc. Definitely an interesting
choice though!

bwings says:

oh yeah there are a bunch of them. I believe they are called rock-a-bye.
they are a whole project. There are Nirvana, Metallica, Beatles, oh man,
too many. lol

iamblocked says:

What you too much of a pussy to respond to us cmurphy10? Go jump off a
bridge you sick fuck.

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