Our 12 Week Ultrasound Scan!!

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Here is the little bean at 12 weeks, 3 days… If you watch until a little later in the clip, you can see the technician poke my belly. The baby then kicks back and rolls over!!!! So, so cute.

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This is our first pregnancy and I am due December 10, 2010.


Katrina Dalino says:

Was a she a girl? Darling movements! Great “d” (defines) baby!

laurie brooks says:

This is amazing!

JenNTim509 says:

This is the most precious ultrasound I have ever seen!!! Congratulations!

terezka pacajova says:

it is very nice I am 12 weeks and my first scan will be 2 April I can not
waiti wish everyone a nice pregnancy

D34N111 says:

Hi, How do you record your own scan? :)

Elle Tee says:

It looks like someone is poking the baby the entire time. Or is your blood
pressure crazy high and we can see the baby being jiggled by your pulse??

Kylie Stend says:

Hi, what a beautifull baby.. Cant wait to see our baby kick back like that!

TheTrixyKat says:

That’s so awesome!!!

aubreysmommyTTC says:


iamBONNIEALI says:

Aww,im three months

TheLovePrincess12 says:

@GustaMapache You can ask them in advance or just take your video camera or
digital camera in case they dont mind it. I was able to video my entire
visit. =) Hope this helps!

hudlowbush says:

@babyvlog hey yeh things are good apart from the baby is a week overdue :(.
but my gf has started getting what she thinks are contractions . they are
every 25 mins and lasing 40 seconds or so. it could all be happening so
fingers crossed :)

Jjester08 says:

I love this! I am 12 weeks today..and go back tomorrow for my 3rd
ultrasound! But my 2nd belly ultrasound and I’m so ready!

renenora2012 says:

Did they tell you what it was ? And did u feel the baby move ?

butcher494 says:

yes i was pretty sure its a girl because of the flat nub near the legs if
its a boy it sticks up!

queenbre617 says:

awww the sweetest thing in the world!!

babyvlog says:

At 2:50 you can see the baby kick and roll over :)

Emma Gutu says:

Oh, she is so cute! That’s exactly why I looked for a 12 weeks scan– As a
comment below, I thought she was a girl too! I was just wandering if there
was a confirmation.. Can’t wait for my first scan! In 5 days. I’m going to
look closer and see if I can see what I have! Even though it’s not that
easy.. But can’t wait until 20 weeks!!!!!

babyvlog says:

@CrazyCoolShorty – heehee… Isn’t the kick amazing?? I can’t feel anything
in my belly or anything yet but it was pretty real to see it on the video
ultrasound… Crazy!! I can’t wait until you are joining me in this preggo
land :)

Royal1993Queen says:

That song is following me Lol any ways very cute

cizmelikedi says:


CrazyCoolShorty says:

This was the BEST 12 week ultrasound I have ever seen !! The part where the
baby kicks and rolls over is sooo amazing !! What an incredible little
miracle ! xoxoxooxoo

babyvlog says:

@butcher494 – Most people that see me think I’m having a boy based on how I
am carrying!! We should be finding out July 9 :) :) :)

mrstbraid says:

i totally think you’re having a little girl. i heard that if the nub in the
genital area is horizontal to the spine, it’s a girl. so exciting!! love
how the baby rolls over at the end. that’s pretty amazing!

kirstyrobinson1990 says:

awwww, this brought a tear to my eye…… I’m very emotional at the
moment. I have my first scan in the morning (12 weeks) I’m so excited and
scared at the same time, I’m not sure what to expect. Just want to see my
baby :)

Lynsey Foster says:

going for mine on the 15th, i’ll be 14 weeks by then, i” be really glad if
i can see as much as you can on this one :)

babyvlog says:

@kindachili – Thank you… I thought that was so amazing. It was the first
moment where I went “Oh wow, this really is a REAL person.”

smoph14X says:

did you go on to have a girl? Ive researched gender at 12 weeks and im
pretty sure id say you were having a girl? lol xx

babyvlog says:

@mrstbraid – Based on this AND the IntelliGender test, I’m now leaning
toward girl!!

patricia2249 says:

Do you mothers to be realize how lucky you are to have babies in this day
and age? My kids are ages 31 to 41 now. When I was pregnant, OMG how badly
I wanted to know if the baby I was carrying was a boy or girl. I obsessed
over it so much that when I read the “babies born section in the newspaper,
I figured the more boys that were born would make my chances of a girl that
much better or visa versa.

Irissabella says:

awwww I loved the part where the baby kicked back =P so cute!

mrstwinfeatures says:

How lovely, this is the first ultrasound I’ve watched and I have mine in
the morning! I am so anxious and hope everything is ok, secretly hoping for
twins but I don’t think I’m big enough for that miracle. Thanks for sharing
your video! I’ll be taking our camcorder/asking for a copy! xx

sharaya olds says:

Congratulations by the way. Hope I see this much during my app tomorrow.
12wks and 5days I’ll be :-)

butcher494 says:

i think its a girl! 99%

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