My 17th Week of Pregnancy (3D/4D Ultrasound)

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My 17th week of pregnancy. It’s a little early to tell what baby will look like, but it’s still really amazing to see! They recommend having these ultrasounds done between 26-28 weeks for best results. I wouldn’t normally have had it done this early, but I received this short session for free, and I’ll be going back again :)
Can’t wait!


Missy Corrales says:

adorable!!! My daughter and my sons GF are both preg, 7 weeks apart, I
cannot wait til they have their ultrasounds!

Jema Bree says:

the best part seeing them in 3D/4D for the first time! just beautiful. 

DrBethPepper says:

This was awesome and got me even more excited for my 3D ultrasound at 17

Angelina Quinn says:

This is so amazing thank you for sharing

xokizza says:

im 17 weeks today! your making me too excited, i get to see mine in 2
weeks! i havnt seen the baby since week 9 but ive heard the hr .

Chantay Trippany says:

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slimgoodii09 says:

This was so amazing. I’m 17weks n 5days n I won’t get an ultrasound till in
19wks I hope it’s a girl. Congratulations on the baby

Fromtodaytiltomorrow says:

I get this scan done when I’m 17 weeks 4 days. 4 days away from now! YAY!

wyccanchik says:

I happened across your wedding vows and thought that was awesome.
Congratulations to you both!!!! Can’t wait for more updates!!!! :o)

JusDuckie says:

How wonderful!! I’ll be 17 weeks in 2 days! I’m so excited. This was
magical for me to see today.

Spencer Bee says:

Aw the baby has little facial features I will b 17 weeks Friday :)

his1nonlynoel says:

Lmao @ t-rex pose lol lol [^-^]

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