My 12 Week Ultrasound..It’s a…..

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Check out our 12 week ultrasound, where we find out the gender of our baby!

P.S. My mom bawled her eyes out and you can hear her in the background. It’s pretty funny. :-)


KottonKandy17 says:

I’ll be 12 weeks at my next u/s apt this coming Wednesday. So excited to
ask the tech if she will take the time to look for the nub! ;)

Vincent Laughton says:

My gf is at 12 weeks. This video just put a smile on my face. Thanks for

Rochelle Louisa Cole says:

I’m currently 23 weeks + 1 day and my doctor said to me ‘all babies look
like girls at 20 weeks so I can’t tell you’ :(
Next scan is 24+2 days so hopefully I’ll find out then! :) 

Demree Seymour says:

I’m almost 12 weeks and you guys just made me cry in this video haha

Greg G says:

Lucky that you found put so quickly, we went for a scan today (12 weeks)
and it’s too soon, next appointment is in 2 months 

Megan Whittington says:

What a nice doctor!

Rohit Patil says:

this is wrong dont see…

Definitely Danielle says:

I had to wait til 20 weeks to know the gender

Joanne DeVito says:


Mailena Lo says:

def got me choked up.. crying lol. I am 10 weeks

leah Blessed says:

i have my 12 week ultrasound on 23 im hoping for a boy fingers crossed

jenna robinson says:

Was the sonographer correct in his gender prediction?

Hannah White says:

This is one of the best scan videos ive seen! Congrats

stephanie camacho says:

Am nervous tommrow my sonogram to found out what is my baby a girl or a boy
am super nervious I hope I can find out this video make me cry is so cute

noel10707 says:

I’m 12 weeks now and was wondering if I could find out the sex of my baby
and you guys beautiful video that made me cry gave me good hope. Now was he
right about the sex of the baby? 

Tanya Minakis says:

Yep this made me cry thanks so much for sharing this moment.

Tierra Williams says:

i go to my 12 weeks ultrasound appointment on monday and im excited!!!!!!
even though i know my sonographer wont even bother with trying to figure
out my babies sex…. im still going to keep hope!!! thanks for sharing

Dan Duran says:

With my son i found out at 14 weeks . Some doctors are really good at what
they do and there sonogram machienes are more advanced .. Or newer .. 

Sally Peña says:


Heather Davis says:

I had my nuchal translucency screening yesterday and I could have gotten a
hint at what my baby was but it was being stubborn just like daddy 😛 

Alexis Heitz says:

I am 10 weeks and I’m so ready to find out what I’m having :)

Formal De Hyde says:

:) 12 weeks 1 day first ultrasound in the morning! I hope they can tell me
what my peanut is!! :’)

Brishandre C'Bearing says:

So cute ^-^ made me smile.


Aaaaawwwww congrats guys, and boys are so fun….girls are too just more
sensitive lol

Nicolette O'Neil says:

wow such a great video thanks for sharing

letti216 says:

I’ll be going to my ob/gyn for the first time at 12wks I hope I find out
the sex that early. (Hope it’s a boy) =)

Michael Rudy says:

i havent found out the sex of my beby yet but i go bk on the frist im on my
husbands youtube but i go on the 1st im hopeing im haveing a little girl
but if its boy id love him or her no less

ashley0929 says:

Oh!! This is such a great video, I am 12 weeks and my ultrasound is on the
3’rd of this month. This brought me to tears!! Hoping to be as lucky and
find out the gender of our little one.

thejayz100 says:

Was your 12 week scan correct? R u indeed having a boy? Just curious
because I have one coming up also and I want to know the gender (:

EuroStatus1985 says:

Ah!!!! We just found out today it’s a girl!!!!!!!! And we saw very clearly
it’s a girl LOL I’m 20 weeks.

michelleforever21 says:


taurussocal says:

Hire a good midwife at least for ultrasound visits or find an independent
ultrasound clinic yourself. My midwife had independent ultrasound clinic
that she was using. Best experience I’ve ever had. Good luck, and yes some
OBGs suck big time…

Nancy Curtis says:

Your doctor sounds great

Turner Clan says:

I LOVE your doctor!!

Ndidi Davis says:

I went for my first trimester ultrasound(12 weeks) and I jus heard the
heartbeat for the first time….

brittanyzappy says:

was it a boy?

MakeupJas95 says:

hey i’m 12 weeks, watch my journey (:

princesskerry210588 says:

i have a scan tomorrow how can i find out if im haveing a girl or a boy ?

chrkchick says:

how can you find out that early!!! usually they make you wait until 20

chuynhful says:

Hi there how was your doctor able to determine gender of baby so soon? Is
it because position of baby that made it easy to see? I am 12.5 week and
doctor didn’t say anything… Thanks !

michelle kapellusch says:

I am new to this, and just posted my videos…but we seen “something there”
when we did my ultrasound, and she said that at 12 weeks the parts look
similar. I have 2 boys already so I really want a girl! But, she said the
thing we seen maybe looked small, and that it might have been pointing
downward which might mean girl??!!! I am so bervous for my big
ultrasound…if anyone woul dlike to view my 2 videos and tell me what you
think im having that would be great! Congrats on your boy!!

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