Jimmy Kimmel and Cousin Sal Prank Aunt Chippy – Fake Sonogram

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Jimmy and his cousin Sal set up a fake sonogram appointment for their pregnant cousin Micki. She was in on the bit, but her mother (Jimmy and Sal’s aunt Chippy) was not. Aunt Chippy had never seen a sonogram before so Jimmy had our graphics department come up with creative images to give her the most incredible sonogram that anyone has ever seen.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live says:

Maybe the craziest prank on my Aunt Chippy yet… #fakesonogram

Neox Görst says:

who cares about the host’s family? hosting a show shouldn’t include “making
your relatives famous”…

Victor J says:

Aunt Chippy went to her first sonogram

That One Emo Chick says:

You know. Its weird becuz my cousins baby was born October 9, 2014 THAS

Skye Skye says:

Fake sonogram :)

nahasch0 says:

What kind of place would have that type of chairs?!!!! It looks fake. No
decoration on the walls and the furniture don’t make sense

ZERO BRICKS (zblj) says:

That was golden!

Red Vanquish says:

That is terrible and I love it so much! X,D
hahahahahaha!! XD

Lekteris says:

This is fucking hillarious aunt Chippy is perfect person to prank lol

1LocaX3Loca says:

Lmaool love how he grabbed her hand like he was expecting her to hit him.

Ryan Gladish says:

That doctor tho…

Benoît FELTEN says:

This is pretty darn funny.

“The baby is incased in carbonite, its flux capacitor is working normally”.

JohnCenation Never Give Up says:

This kinda makes me hurt because of her mother’s reaction when she saw her
grandchild and she’s like oh my god i cant believe he/she’s clapping!

Jill M says:

What do they say at the end when they walk into the room?

Charlotte Tate says:

This was the Very Best Prank I have seen in many years!! Jimmy, you are a
genius!! I was right along with your Aunt Chippy as if I had forgotten it
was a prank!! And, said the exact same thing she did once she realized it
was a “prank”!! Will be laughing about this one for a long time!! Best
wishes with the new baby cousin!!! Love your Aunt Chippy!!!

corina ortega says:


averageluke181 says:

Do old italian women believe anything lol?

Amanda Martin says:

Oh gosh Lisa!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH… +Lisa Gonzalez 

Sandy Miller says:

This is one of the most hilarious things I have seen yet. My favorite part
was Grandma’s face when the baby stood up. I was down on the floor
laughing. I thought Grandma said at the end that one looked kind of like
Jimmy. ROFL. This made my day.

skyblue lacoste says:

oh my god you are so hilarious LOL i’m seriously laughing out fucking loud 

NothinButRags says:

That was amazing

Daya Subramanian says:

Oh my god, my face hurts from laughing XD

Rahman Henderson says:

A) Apparently the producers know the audience of this show is so stupid,
they make Jimmy explain what a sonogram is.
B) They really should have made the baby look like an alien, dragon or
other animal. That would have been really funny.

Gerie Graham says:

Jimmy Kimmel and his pregnant cousin set up a prank to fool Aunt Chippy
with a Fake Sonogram. She has never been to a Sonogram before nor has she
seen a photograph of a foetus. This is funny.

Viktoriya Nikulina says:

I didn’t know they stood up!!!!!!!!

Taec Yeon says:

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Isu Asenjo says:

With a mother like that, who needs toys??

Vincent Fiestada says:

Poor Aunt Chippy. She gets pranked all the time.

Janice D says:

Jimmy Kimmel and Cousin Sal Prank Aunt Chippy – F…:

Nicole Noriega says:

Mickey looks EXACTLY like Uncle Frank. R.I.P Uncle Frank, you’re still very

Miss EarGasm says:

Jimmy you always make me laugh. I wanna say thank you for that. :D

Christine C says:

I was crying real tears from how hard I was laughing. This is way too

Patsy Hallimond says:

I live when she’s like… Domt even say that to me LOL sounds like
something my grandma would say 

perillivolcomha says:

I don’t get it does the babies actually look like them

Levi Strauss says:

You could have done so much more with this prank! But good effort tho.

Joshua K. Pearson says:

I can’t stop looking at his awkward hands…

SOS infermieri says:

l’ecografia più sorprendente e divertente che si possa pensare #LOL 

Deborah Parry says:

I really hope that they allowed the grandma to see a genuine sonogram of
her grandchild after this prank. She seemed so interested and excited about

Reem Osman says:

Check out this video on YouTube:”I didn’t know they stood up!”

Kristine Tran says:

Omg the baby doing the jumping jacks killed me xD

E MaC says:

This is so fake, babies don’t do that….

Carrie Jackson says:

This video was so funny, I really enjoyed it,

Kevin R. says:

I completely lost it when the baby stood up. lmfaooooo

Jazz D says:

This is so put on

Ivy Cunanan says:


Joanne Caradonna says:

I just love her reaction to reconsidering baptism!lol! Aunt Chippy is the
perfect person to prank :) .

Archie Dispatch says:

LOOOL, that was a LOT OF CREAM :D

Mahmoud El Arch says:

she didn’t know that babies do stand now !
poor Aunt Chippy

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