Jennica Baby 29 Weeks 3D 4D Ultrasounds – Charlotte 3D 4D Ultrasound

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This is Jennica’s baby 29 weeks ultrasound scan. Can you believe a baby in the womb may do things like we adults?
This is a genuis baby for sure! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! This is the best Christmas gift for mom and dad to see their precious baby beautiful face!
There is no time more precious and cherished during the pregnancy than the time that the mother-to-be gets to spend looking at her child through the miracle of our state-of-the-art 3D/4D ultrasound.
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Mysha Yoseph says:

Can’t wait to take my baby in my arms :) 

Mernaya says:

@linette12345 wtf are you talkin about??

jade226688 says:

Quite amazing baby, so beautiful!

sweetandshyone says:

how precious!!!!!

carolyn sherman says:

Cool. I did not know they had 4D ultrasounds.

lovekills8897 says:

I love the video n the song

prettymoma215 says:

these are really nice 3D images.

Lisasav4 says:

Ha am 17 wks pregnant n want this type scan the music is lovely what is it.
It made me cry Dam hormones lol !!!!

Somasubhra Ganguli says:

this is awesome and I too experience all these now

abcd6983 says:

this is real cute, makes me feel claustrophobic though lol

ladylake2004 says:

Ilove this to be done for my baby just got find some where in keny uk that
dose it

Bobby Caceres says:

Nice video thanks

jgmmm0 says:

my older sisters name is jennica she’s 16 yrs now!!

i Mhoree says:

Hi everyone, if you also like to see the 4D presentation vid of our baby
that I edited pls. visit my channel and subscribe. I will be posting more
videos about pregnancy, being a mom, beauty and fashion. Please don’t
forget to subscribe. Thank you so much!

carey153 says:

This is kinda disturbing………

kenziedawnn13 says:

Creepy music

Tai Phung says:

hey,I asked for the name of this song in the video? i like the song

linette12345 says:

on the internet before its even born! SWEET.

georgiagirlbj says:

Babies are beautiful!

khatingco says:

can i ask how do u upload your cd here?i gt my 4d ultasound cz too but dont
know how to upload..pls reply…

FootSoldier66 says:

I wonder if they’re ever bored in there

jaredtheavenger says:

looks like it gold plated

liv4music08 says:

What a precious baby! I can’t wait for my 3D/4D

alinasingingxxx says:

how nice!

jade226688 says:

This baby is tooooo cute!

TJnJadasmommy says:

What a precious sweet baby! I love this vid! Thanks for sharing. No one
could look at this and say it is not human or a person. Screw you idiots,
look at the proof! Life is the best gift you can give your child.

1989CornFed says:

that was so beautiful! im 29 weeks today so thanks for sharing your
beautiful moment wit me!

Kelly Ruddy says:

I love the images. You did a great movie.

tolulope says:

MY precious one is the title.

luv2laugh147 says:

how beautiful, you must be so proud!!

wtacuri1990 says:

What’s the songs name ??

Sajin Kim says:

What Celine dion song is playing?

BUTTERCUP Jones says:

The song makes this creepy

lovecry23 says:

cute little angel, im 29weeks today and im so excited for my next
ultrasound, i hope to see my baby like this image so clear…

Gam Doan says:

thanks you very much ::::))))))

batsandcandy says:

blah i wanna cry now!! lol…i’m 29 weeks now…my birthday is in 3 weeks,
i’m hoping to get this as a present :)

TheYusmina says:

cute & shy baby Jennica.

QueenAceKing says:

What song is this? I know it’s Celine Dion…but what’s the title?

Sarah Hair says:


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