Is Your Baby a Boy or a Girl? (Pregnancy Health Guru)

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Blue or pink? Learn how you can find out in this video about second trimester sonograms! See hundreds of pregnancy videos:


Corky Williams says:

This scared me more then helped me I’m a first time dad and I just found
out this week my fiancé is pregnant now I’m terrified after watching this

monica cruz says:

+ex yzee what the hell… great ignorance!! how the hell would a BOY be
made then?! if there’s no girl no one will EVER be able to have a BOY where
do people from india think the boys come from… stupid things like that
get me so mad. so much ignorance around the world… oh and just to put it
out there the man’s genes decide the gender since they have xy and us women
xx so there it is… ugh some people are just retarded. I understand the
culture but it’s just dumb (not the culture the thought of a woman being a
birth defect) as a mom I would fight for my baby girl no one touches my
kids. someone goes down first before putting their hands on my babies.

ex yzee says:

In India, a girl is considered a birth defect. About 1 in 20 girls is
aborted or killed at birth.

Shaneice Jackson says:

Is Their A Way You Can MAke Your Baby A Boy or Girl ?? And I Dont Mean By
Any Type Of Medicine or Doctor Care

Amy S says:

@freddythecanine May God have mercy on your soul. Please repent before its
too late!

Kennia Angulo Silverio says:

I was born in December too but 2003…

HotLennukka says:

How tha fuck did I get here? o.o



HoneyBaby778 says:

instead of overflowing?


@freddythecanine your a guy how could u abort anything?

Marci Darci says:

I don’t have any words for that o.o

Kaleigh says:

I was watching a documentary about that the other day! So scary!

A Friend says:

fuck india we need more pussy

vizzy says:

I am a girl from India.. and what you are saying is not true!

RomanticStyle98 says:

My little sister was born with a cleft lip and I have a cousin with down
syndrome. I hate females that abort their babies because of it. You not be
able to correct down syndrome like you can a cleft lip, but the babies
still deserve to live. Those kids were planned and now because of a
deformation or mental problem they are being aborted. If you can’t handle
challeges like these then don’t reproduce and make those chances high.

ibkristykat . says:

I was born in Dec. 1981, and when my mom’s pregnancy got to the point where
you can do an ultrasound to “see” what my sex was (at whatever point that
is, IDK) they said I was a boy….. but I was born a girl…. Know what the
Dr. said? “Don’t trust doctors” lol….. oh well.

everyanyelse says:

Maybe, but they obviously need girls for the birth of boys.

gizellexoxo says:


MrMedotaku says:

I googled it out of curiosity. Apparently having a girl is at lease
burdensome, and some women voluntarily have an abortion if they know their
child is going to be a girl.

Dan Kemmet says:

And how many times are these “diagnostic ultrasounds” used to kill a baby
with down syndrome. 90% of down syndrome babies are killed in the womb.
These test are WILDLY UNRELIABLE as noted by the people commenting below.
(wrong gender prediction) So, basically these babies are killed with no
reliable evidence that there was anything wrong with them to begin with.
(not that it is EVER ok to kill someone)

musicbrain5 says:

Exactly. If the baby could make this choice for itself, then it would be

Electric Water says:

That didn’t tell me anyting pertaining to to video name! Worthless!

gladfelter17 says:

…Really? Are you serious?

Christian Grimes says:

i am not lying

happyfeetlaura says:

@freddythecanine how could you do such a thing !O: please explain to me

Mrs Coupe says:

How exciting !!!!! Congrats 😉

musicbrain5 says:

Yeah, through In-Vitro fertilization. The doctor can test the sperm to see
which ones have the Y chromosome (boy) and the X chromosome (girl). It’s
the sperm that determines the gender of the baby. So, for example, if you
want a girl, they will use a sperm with an X chromosome. Mind you, this
procedure is VERY expensive – THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars!

A Friend says:

nice lie

Joseph Owusu says:

Pay Up like Money.

Mrs Coupe says:

Thats crazy !!!! Im in the same boat, Tech was not sure if my “BOY” is a
boy lol 😉 Do you know what you are having hun ?

this88sucks88 says:

How come i can’t vote comments down?

1L0VELY1 says:

I am 24 weeks pregnant. I did the nuchal translucency screening at 12
weeks. My goal was not to kill my baby but to be prepaired for any
challenge or problems it could have. Luckily my baby is just fine. We did
the anatomy scan at 21 weeks. She was still looking just as great and no
abnormalalities were found. As of wrong gender, technology has changed
tremendously and now in 2013 it would be very shocking to get wrong

1L0VELY1 says:

@Clarisa Alvarado, I’m having a girl! :) congrats on your baby boy!!

Moco Bobo says:

The doctors thought I was a boy my parents got really happy…:,( ( I’m a

ramesh ekanayaka says:

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Heartagramerz says:

thats scary o.o

1L0VELY1 says:

My mom was told I was a boy. I am a girl.. Lol this was in the 80’s when
ultrasound machines were not very clear. If your ultrasound tech has a
clear shot at the babies genitals and your above 18 weeks it is accurate

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