Great Quality Ultrasound 15 Weeks!

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Our 15 week baby girl….you can see her kicking all through it and also sucking her thumb, at about 10 min!!!! It’s long but still pretty cool!


Thelincolns1 says:

Do you have to get ask to get one of these videos? Dont think they do them
where i am? x

Chubby Ness says:

the quality in that u/s was awesome. BTW congrats on your baby girl!


i will be 15 weeks on tueday and having ultra sound on thurday..cant wait!!!

Kimberley Fatima Ling says:

ahhh so cute. Im 15 weeks pregnant too. I cant wait for my next scan in
april to see if its a boy or girl

Treshay Harris says:

im 15 i go for my ultrasound wed next week cant wait

Kristina Nikolova says:

i am 10 weeks pregnant with my second child,i saw my baby before 2 days
and was moving hands and legs,lool,i am so happy,and everytime i see others
videos it’s like i see my own baby, and sometimes make me cry
also!!!Incredible feelings,god bless you all and be a happy

KRAZ1E5150 says:

Nice : )

Steve James says:

how did u get this on youtube please,lovely video

Angelsbbymomma702 says:

OMG iam 15 weeks && have my 1st ultrasound OJ Monday ..(:

mia red says:

I’m 15 weeks pregnant too :) My ultrasound is tomorrow… I am crying with
happiness seeing this.. :)

Samantha Conway says:

Im 15 weeks atm and go to the dr on the 21st of this month, by then Ill be
17 weeks and will be able to find out my babys gender :) Im hopin for a
girl! 😀 Good luck with your little one!

Mandy Rose says:

Congrats! Just went to my fifteen week ultrasound. It was beautiful. I love
your video so much!

Zombiie Giirl says:

I am 16 weeks as of yesterday, and have my gender ultrasound today!(: i’m
nervous! Good luck with your baby!!!(:

googlegirl07 says:

I’m 15 weeks today, and this is quite an emotional video with the music and
everything, it’s lovely! So cool! <3 I have my next scan in 4 weeks,
praying everything is okay, then i’ll be booking a scan like this for my 30
week checkpoint.

ecfansite says:


bunnywitclass says:

i cant wait i get my ultrasound this thursday how far along were you when
you found out what you were having???

pocahontasgd says:

She sure didnt want tcooperate with them legs clamp shut im turned 15 weeks
today congrats

Christina D says:

Is this a Bicornuate uterus? Looks a lot like mine!

PinkLilllies89x says:

amazing video! im at this stage now its the best feeling in the world!
Congratulations to u!:)

BroCadeFamily says:

I am 15 weeks….. excited for my 20 week scan & gender reveal. Thanks for
sharing. Life is so amazing!

Nita Speers says:

I had my 12 weeks scan today but can’t get my movie until tomorrow. I can’t
wait to send it to family :)

CandiceLePage says:

This was so beautiful tomorrow I have an ultra sound at 15 wks and 5 days.

glecy francisco samudio says:

im 15 weeks aug10 and ill be having my 2nd ultrasound,im excited and little
worry I got sick on my 8weeks got a fever for 4days because of UTI..iIM bed
rest since that my doctor suggest me to rest all the time not to walk,sit
or up I only up when going to having a medication since that for my
baby not to go out early…we all praying for the sake of my baby..ths
video inspired me and make me excited and happy too..

lindalovesmusic1 says:

So sweet!

Suzy Bacon says:

I’m 15 weeks and 1 day && I haven’t seen what it looks like since I was 6
weeks cant wait to see what it looks like now. <3

ashleyambriel says:

that is such a beautiful video & something to truly be proud of creating
for your child to show them one day..congrats! i am also currently 15
weeks..have an ultrasound scheduled for 20 weeks to find out the gender..i
am so excited!

Peyton Anthony says:

Omg :’) I teared up immediately. I cannot wait until I see my baby for the
first time through an ultrasound next week! I’ll be 15 weeks too :’) Omg,
thats amazing.

Idiots says:

Very touching I’m 15 weeks and haven’t seen my baby since the original
measurement sonogram. I’ve been going through a lot and I immediately
teared up. What a blessing

Sasha Touchet says:

This is what my baby looks like 3

liz alcala says:

I am 15 weeks pregnant and im having an ultrasound tomorrow. This video
just made me very excited :)

Danielle lee says:

beautiful:) congratulations. I’m currently 15 weeks today and so, so, so
excited to find out the sex, we hope to find out the end of next week, i
haven’t seen my baby since week 9, and i know it’s grow sooo much since
then:)) i cant wait to see our little tiny dance.

StarmoniiGlisten says:

I love the music you played <3 congrats hun 😀

Kimberly Enriquez says:

This is so cute I love the way the little foot looks haha

deye2009 says:

What a gift! Thank you for sharing your joy.

Bee bee says:

im 15 too, tomorrow i’ll do my monthly checkup, im so nervous to meet my
baby but im so excited too. hope can see him/her clearly, see the
movements, and papa will meet u for the 1st time honey. haha, can’t wait
even for 2mrw…

PeanutCatcher06 says:

Sooo cute! Congrats!!

Cupkik says:

Omgosh how sweet! I’m 15 weeks now too, saw mine last at 12 weeks.. I
cannot wait until I get to see my little one again and find out if it’s a
boy or girl. Thanks for sharing :) I hope I can get a video too

Melii & Lucii says:

I teared up immediately. So beautiful.

TheAnna198921 says:

great video I love it cause I’m 15weeks today and it means my little bean
looks like this

ivan ozuk says:

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