Early pregnancy scan – ultrasound 5 weeks gestation

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Bec Fos says:

Thank you. I miscarried at apparently 5 weeks (I felt it was 7), but this
does help with bringing into perspective what was lost. Thank you – there
aren’t many early pre natal ultrasounds like this available to view.

sirensserenade1 says:

Had a scan last night i’m 5 weeks, got to see the yolk sac and only a teeny
tiny ”thing” seed like thing that may be the baby, have to wait till
Monday to find out more. 

Merandia Wood says:

Find out in the morning whats goin on…. didnt start last month spotted
this month and past two days ive been so sick at my stomach

Sham Khan says:


I had an early scan today.. my calculations from my lmp is im 7weeks but
scan shows 5 weeks as there is no yolk sac.. new scan in 2 weeks.. am
scared and stressed. . Any advice

Heide Jandura says:


Platinum Dee says:

5 weeks and 1 day

asia cobb says:

5 weeks nd 5days today ♥ :)

Presley Burns says:

5 weeks & 4 days today! :D

Keli Gutierrez says:

5 weeks and 2 days ❤️

Heide Jandura says:


kingcobrabites says:

I love this vid, uber informative, good on you! X

BroCadeFamily says:

I am five weeks today :))

Louise Hickinbottom says:

im 5 weeks to after 2 yrs ttc :)

kilakili v.b.k says:

Yes it is definitely scary. I am doing great, and I hope you are too. Good
luck on your 9 beautiful months.

gomitaypikachu says:

5 weeks and one day as of today

Senieso Damncute says:

I’m 5 weeks today :)

Alicia M says:

I’m 5 wks n I’ve been gettin cramps like if mu period was gna start dr said
its normal as long as there is no bleeding

kdramaaddict77 says:

Hi, 5 weeks.. So is it normal if you dont found the heart rate yet? I’m
also 5 weeks now, and done the ultrasound

Jocelyn Tepozteco says:

Ahh I’m almost 6 weeks :)

sashaleigh2012 says:

im 5 weeks really bad stomach ache worse than period pain and really bad
head aches aswell.

Yvonne Wooi says:

I am 5 weeks today tooo!!

Iris Mac says:

I just found out im preggo too, and I’m about 5-6 weeks along… I am soooo
SCARED. I hope you’re doing okay!!! Any word of advice would be greatly
appreciated. :( I’m literally frightened….

drpjjl says:

5 wks today :)

Mummy Amy says:

Found of this morning 5 weeks :)

kilakili v.b.k says:

Congrats! Thank you, the same goes to you hon!

lalu194123 says:

im 5 weeks to day :)

carli hessey says:

im 4weeks and i get it in my back but not so much my stomach.

Niki Beeman says:


Erica Todd says:

I have a question hopefully someone can answer it. Do you get soreness in
the stomach and back during the 5th week of pregnancy?

thinprincess87 says:

I’m now 10 weeks, 6 days, and I had found out in January that we’re
pregnant. My first ultrasound was at 8 weeks

1001myplaylist says:

This is a pregnancy video. Get lost with that garbage.

kilakili v.b.k says:

I just found out that I’m pregnant (yesterday actually), and I am so
nervous and freaked out. It is our first child and don’t know what to
expect. I am about 5 weeks along. I wish I was a little more calmed about
it. I’ve been crying a river since. lol.

keri castle says:

me too! Good Luck to you..

kilakili v.b.k says:

Hello, I am doing fine thank you and congratulations! I’m turning 10 weeks
along today. Reality will sink in when you see the little one in an
ultrasound. Believe it or not sometimes I can’t believe I’m going to be a
mommy. I definitely understand how you fell cause I was there, lol. You
will do great I promise. Good luck!

teedani1 says:

I’m 5 weeks today!

Mary Woodall says:

I’m 5 weeks in my 4th pregnancy, after a miscarriage. Love to see what my
baby just might look like at this time.

jess b says:

Im 5weeks pregnant also!!

Jessica Garcia says:

Im 4 weeks pregnant ;..

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