Determining a Baby’s Sex from an Ultrasound

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Determining a baby’s sex from an ultrasound is something many couples want. This health video from explains when you can determine a baby’s sex from an ultrasound.

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Bcn Lennon says:

To drectv. Can you put these sex videos on my tv 13242 cornuta avenue.

Valershu says:

*I could define baby gender before birth and conception by photo of
parents. I have an account and a group on facebook for that. Group is
called Baby gender by parents photo)*

Theo Whyte says:

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Gabriel Torróntegui says:

Is there other ways of knowing the baby’s sex other than looking at their
genitals. Looking for other features or using other tests?

Theo Whyte says:

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Theo Whyte says:

What sex this is not sex

lasna ayisha says:

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adnan habibi says:

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