Cute & Clear Ultrasound of baby Lucky { 19 weeks ultrasound , anatomy scan }

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Here is a video of our 20 week anatomy scan ( 19w4d) Baby Lucky is perfectly healthy . HB 150BPM wriggling around kicking . Gender to be revealed next week!

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This is the result of IVF cycle # 3! After a miscarriage and abandoned IVF cycle we are finally pregnant again. We need lots of sticky glue for this sweet baby!
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We have just gone through our 3rd round of IVF! Round one resulted in 2 embryos . My son Roman was born 2011 and the other embryo I miscarried in April 2013. Our second round of IVF was abandoned due to over stimulation . IVF cycle # 3 successful!!

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stef140286 says:

Can’t wait for ur party vlog! x

Chastity Koerner says:

The suspense is killing me! I don’t know how you waited two days after your
scan to find out. I’m in the US and it’s only Friday evening here, so I’m
trying to patiently wait and for my Saturday afternoon, and hopefully a
video will be up?! Please :) we all love your story, and your accent for
that matter

Deane Murphy says:

So cool! Love the little feet! 

Amanda Stumbaugh says:

Aww precious

amygiggles says:

I think another boy! :) Beautiful scan! 😀 I have mine on the 23rd of this

Ruby Bleu says:

Waiting waiting waiting!! Can’t wait till your next vlog eeeeeeek

JPouch BabyBlog says:

Aaaahhhhh I wanna knowww lol
Lovely lovely scan!!

Angélica Korse-Pettersen says:

That is so beautiful! What an awesome thing to show baby lucky when
he/she’s older! 

avillanueva159 says:

231 is i believe boy parts

Mama Dunn says:

I think it’s a girl!

Bristolbabe79 says:

Amazing!! Can’t wait to see the gender! Have fun 2moro Nicole xx

xxnoorxx21 says:


brokenspirit83 says:

It’s a boy. Daddy said “he” is touching his nose. Nawww :) I have a feeling
it’s a boy. :)

rdwngsfn1 says:

Awesome. Thanks for sharing. He/she is so precious. I wish I could go back
and start all over again. :-)

avillanueva159 says:

I’m pretty sure i seen a glimps of boy parts congrats

Mommy of 3 Praying for 1 more says:

What a perfect little baby!!! I’m pulling for TEAM PINK!!! Can’t wait until
the gender reveal party!!! Sooooo excited for your family!!!!

Amie Lawson says:

Hi baby girl lucky!!!! Congrats!!!!

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