Baby’s First Ultrasound 11 weeks 1 day

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Our Baby’s first ultrasound at Lester Naval Hospital, Okinawa Japan. I thought I was about 10 weeks and 6 days but my mid*wife measured him (or her) at 11 weeks and 1 day! I was VERY nervous but everything turned out great with our dancing baby!! He was definitely a mover and a shaker!!

Mandi & Mikey


100grammgras says:

looks like a sweet little alien <3 wow, so amazing.
iam in week 11 too :)

Sabrina Bélisle says:

I have an ultrasound tomorrow and i will be 11 weeks and 1 day just like
you in the video. I’m so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sha Mcneal says:

The baby moving awe I’m 11weeks can’t wait to see him or her

Sherry Lassiter says:

Awww how cute god it good

First Lady says:

We had our..3rd I believe, sonogram today. I’m 11 weeks. he/she looks just
like this lol. they were moving their legs and arms all wild lol, i fell in
love all over! My squiggly! =)

Angelique Ramsay says:

Had my first ob appointment today did all the tests i should be getting a
call to book for my 11week ultrasound :) excited 😀 

2008reggie says:

i know how you feel lol with our first baby ruby when we first found out we
thought i was jst a few weeks turned out i was 7wks and i was in total
shock lol. but its a memory ill never forget. lol but with this one were
expecting now i was six wks and five days when we found out lol i jst love
how my body never tells me anything.

TheRegginator says:

😀 aww… that is super cute. i wish i would have got to see my baby moving
around like that when i went in for my ultrasounds. Its just simply
amazing. thanks for sharing. :)

Lisset Alvarado says:

Congrats!! I’m so exited ill be going to Lester to get my first ultrasound
too… And I almost cried seeing ur video thank you for that beautiful
video… Your gonna be a great mommy!! God bless!

eaniekais says:

im 11 wks and one day 2day…so excited for my ultra sound where i will be
12 weeks and one day :)…thanks for sharing

Brittney Airgood says:

Now this is cute…ha. So adorable

mbroyalty says:

Awesome! I am about 10 weeks and 5 days =) Congradulations!

Veronica Herrera says:

if you google 12 wks the baby is more formed beginning at 12 weeks, 10-11
weeks is more like a peanut

EuroStatus1985 says:

That was the umbilical chord hahaha

MARZWERA06 says:

congratulations guys!!!! im getting my ultrasound in two days!!! im really

Celt Jas says:

My wife is 11 weeks gone with our first child, can hardly wait on our first
ultrasound next week. This is beautiful in every way. Good health to your

Misscherryvang says:

Wow ! I still can’t believe this is 11 weeks ! Your baby looks so big ! I
had my check & it’s only 1 inch ! You baby moves a lot ! Mine was sleeping
w/ a fast little heart beat LOL . Awe :)

rougar32 says:

pause @ 32 seconds lmao. skeleton much? D:

jzapata6060 says:

I just say he or she until I found out

Patricia Angle says:

Congratulations to all three of you! What a lovely video – I am this far
along now, and it was nice to see what my baby is probably doing right now.

Kim berly says:

wow this is weird!i am currently stationed at lester naval hospital and i
am 11 weeks! thanks for the video. We have our first ultra sound in 2 days.

Allana Harris says:

It’s an alien ahhhhhh lol jk my first ultrasound is tomorrow I’m super

kerry allott says:

i’m 10 weeks 1 day my first scan is in 2 week and we are very excited. I’m
putting weight on so quickly so won’t be shocked if i’m further on than
think i am. that or having twins as they run in both sides. i hope your
baby is healthy

Jay Aracelis says:

Aww so cute! I’m 11 weeks and 2 days and watching this was sooo touching.
god blees<3

sky toni shannon says:

bless youu….x

HoneyEyes says:

Mine was moving alot too its so interesting isnt it? they’re so little

Matt Ryan says:

my wife is 10 weeks and 4 days!

boomhower23 says:

they changed it one day? weird that they didnt just leave it, since the due
date is just accurate anyways…. :-S

Sharnee Malouf says:

I had my ultrasound yesterday at 11wks 2days, my baby was all over the
place to! It was even doing summersaults lol So cute!

Mary Chang says:

So adorable, you are a lucky women to have your man with you there the
whole time.

zed nes says:

awww, it moves so much and so cute, like I didn’t know babies move this
much already at only 11 weeks……

TheBOG3 says:

Quit saying “he” unless you know it’s a boy. Why not say “she”, ’cause mom
is a female and she’s the one who carries the baby in her female body. She
should refer to the baby as “she” until they know the sex. The whole “he”
thing is outdated. I thought everybody calls it an “it” nowdays or says
“the baby,” not “he.”

EuroStatus1985 says:

I just had my 8wk4day ultrasound today and the baby just looks like a
peanut lol my next one is at 11 weeks, I’m so excited now! They form so

maybebe79 says:

This made me tear up! So so cool- I had an ultrasound yesterday at just
under 13 weeks and I said the very same thing “it’s real!!!” Amazing :)

51408lupita51408 says:

Awwww! I was smiling the whole time thinking that if it results that I am
pregnant my baby is like that I currently 11w6days. Am so excited if not
well then sorry for me but am so excited.. Best luck for you guys. =]]

purpleblunt420 says:

my baby was moving around too , especially his/hers arms. im 11 weeks 2
days as of today.

Diane murray says:

aww how lovely had a good old cry it was so sweet i have mine on monday
should be 11weeks 4days hope to get a wave too x

Destiny Evenstar says:

That is so sweet I am 11 weeks and 1 day today and I get my first
ultrasound tomorrow, I hope all goes well and my baby moves around like
yours did

Julie Coleman says:

cute – i like how its moving a lot, when i had mine done the dr went to
fast and i couldnt see my baby move, he said it was moving but i cldnt tell

marshallah21 says:

Congratulations I hope your birth went well. Your little must be quite big
now =) Can’t wait I have my scan this morning!!!!!!!!!

26dominicana says:

i am 11 weeks and two days…. my next ultrasound will be on the 10th by
then i be 12 weeks and 1 day… I ma so excited and scared!! idk how my
baby looks like…



Paige Eytalis says:

I’m scheduled for my first ultrasound at 11 weeks and wanted to watch a
video to show me what to expect. This really shows me what to expect
because I’m in Okinawa too and that’s where I’ll be having my ultrasound :

SuperNOOOGA says:

In min 4:8 to 4:11 when she said I guess if you see between the legs I
think he is a boy ! How agree with me

msboss13 says:

she so happy how kute <3

smashleaw says:

Aww this made me cry :’) I am 7 weeks and can’t wait to get my 1st
ultrasound at 11 weeks.

Crowstew says:

AMAZING!!!! love it.. my wife is 10 weeks.. I’m super excited!

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