BABY SMILING in 4D ULTRASOUND! – August 17, 2012 – itsJudysLife Vlog

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Conair Multi-sized hot rollers first impression
Yesterday’s Vlog

We went to a place in Bellevue called Baby Pictures. I highly recommend you go to them if you’re in the Seattle/ Bellevue area!

Baby Pictures Ultrasound
515 116th ave. NE
Suite 100
Bellevue, WA 98004

Welcome to our Everyday Lives! We finally tied the knot on Aug. 12, 2011. See our Wedding Series here

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Judy and Benji
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Christina Phan says:

Going through a tough time in my life and watching your videos somehow gets
me feeling stronger and happier. Thanks Judy <3

Mr-Coolesta says:

Isn’t the 4th dimension beyond our comprehension?

elacomedido says:

R u guys raw vegans?

BeautyGirl〈3 says:

“look at that”
“That’s gross”
*He strips his shorts

Amelia Abram says:

You look like Vanessa Lachey/Minnillo.

Amy Glass says:

I love uwajimaya

Alison Perez says:

I love Selena ❤️

MaryBeth Tilley says:

Awww. thanks for sharing…this is so amazing…and I really loved the 4D
ultrasound of your sweet angel…Never mind the idiots here who love to
reign on everyone else’s parade simply because they have nothing better to
do with their time. The important thing is you have a healthy baby!

Aliaya Conti says:

i love the original selina

Ricardo Badilla says:

This was my first video is saw on your channel (‘: now I watch your amazing
vlogs everyday & they just brighten up my day (:

Angelynn Liu says:

Wow!! Julianna liked Beyoncé even before she was born, how adorable!!

Sarah Burrows says:

awesome how she liked beyonce in your stomach and out!!

Stefania Faith says:

Is this the same house as now? Remodeled? Or a brand new house you’re in

khushi malhotra says:

Hey sarahsbeauty my name is also sarah but the same way sarah

Sarah Zin says:

I miss watching when it’s just Judy and benji.. You guys are so cute

Stephanie Martinez says:

I just noticed that you and Kian Lawly have the same picture on the wall of
the Eiffel Tower

Eliana Polson says:

I love all your video’s

harley quinn says:


Katrina Singkhoumkhong says:

Sum pepol have to stop makeing fun of them I’M NOT SO STOP

Megan Swagerty says:

AHAHHAHA. Even in the womb she was a Beyoncé lover! LOL

Kandyce Vang says:
jayvthompson01 says:

0:09 I don’t know if I’m in the shot.

in the shot???

woman you are 9 months pregnant, you could be two blocks down and still be
in the shot

Diwa U Kidwell says:


Rhiannon L says:

Benji showed his Benjita side in Sephora in this vlog!

Yudi W. says:

Judi is ur bag Neverfull? Wich one please?

laurenhelena02 says:

And then you were at Bellevue Mall!! Dang you shop the same malls and
stores as me(: haha you need to do a meetup at either Bellevue or Alderwood

Claris Ng says:

Did the camera move on it’s own in the beginning of the vlog actually…?

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