Baby Panos – 15 Weeks Ultrasound – It’s a BOY!

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Kresta Ola Goingco says:

I’m on my 14th month now and I’m so excited on my next monthly ultrasound.
I’m so happy. It’s my first baby! You’re baby boy is obviously having
hiccups. So cute!!! Moves often.

MamaJade11 says:

Its not 2 sacs the other part you see is her bladder it has to be full to
do certain ultrasounds

TinaDeanette says:

Why does it look like 2 sacs?

A.P Silva says:

He moved .. a lot cute …it’s was really 15 weeks old? they say the
baby is kinda like a apple size at this stage thats why i wonder…

Amanda Vicario says:

I cried …. <3

Irissabella says:

me too especially when I started seeing the baby’s mouth open and close
like he is yawning =’) i’m 15 weeks pregnant and i’m feeling all ubby dubby
with these videos =)

MamaJade11 says:

So beautiful I’m 15 weeks and 3 days my last ultrasound was when i was 12
weeks wanted an idea of what baby looked like don’t get another ultrasound
until 20 weeks

Lu na says:

oooo nice…. soon i will be mammy……. and i am so happy

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