Baby H. 10 week Ultrasound

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KittehKatrawrr says:

Aww so cute! I’m 10 weeks and Im going for my first ultrasound tomorrow :)

alexandra says:

awwww how did you get the video? Im going for my first doctor visit
Thursday and I wanted to request a video and or a photo. any advice?

Denise S says:

Precious! At only 10 weeks, how can anyone not think this is a human life?

Unique2010ish says:


Kimberley Fatima Ling says:

Such a cute baby

HoneyEyes says:

I shouldve asked for a video or a pic :/

Chalyn Gaines says:

im 10 weeks and 5 days and mines is looking the exact same way im very
excited to know what im having :)

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