Baby Girl Ultrasound at 18 Weeks

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Leila Baobai Yang
Was born on July 3rd, 2009 @ 2.:43 am
7 lbs 1 oz
20.5 inches long

Watching my baby girl move in this video clip just brings a smile to me. I can’t get enough of watching her being so active. I also listened to her heartbeat, but instead I heard her kick the fetal doppler and doing somersaults!


Angel Martin says:

I found out mine Wednesday, and we’re having a girl too. She was a stubborn
one, sitting in a nook. After daddy kicked the bed, she finally woke up and
got herself up to reveal her gender. lol

tshuavkuvlawmxwb2 says:

aww, this is so cute and precious <3

Afaaq Khan says:


Kali Bolton says:

I’m going to find out in 2 week :) 

Brooklyn Yoder says:

I’m 16 weeks mines a girl shes due May 8th :)

Danali King says:

Hey brooklyn we have the same due date AMazing. …good luck on your birth

Mai Lee says:

I used this one program that I downloaded for free. I’m not home right now
but when I do have the time, I’ll tell you how to do it. Is your ultrasound
movie on a DVD?

mary vorachak says:

awwh, so cute! and such a clear image. i have my ultrasound next week at 17
weeks and 5 days. hopefully i’ll find out my babys gender! 😀

Mai Lee says:

@jessakiz80 Congrats!!

Mai Lee says:

Sure, go ahead! Good luck on your project!

Jennifer Mercier says:

Just too precious. :)

Avery Hagan says:

Aww…makes me smile

Mai Lee says:

That is only if you make it to the hospital before anyone! ^_^

trevo_6 says:

bk to india? wtf u on bout? im from uk dimshit

nellblue21 says:

nah what u say isnt true u dumb fuck. i know ur parents wish they had a
girl instead of the dumb shit u turned out to be.

Keely Wonder says:

just got my ultrasound today :) im having a girl!

bob says:

Ok 18 year old girl im up for it

myasia154 says:

Im ready to find out next Friday hope its a girl

nellblue21 says:

@trevwrc if that isnt the dumbest shit you could the hell are you
loosin ur daughter if she marries.if u push ur kids away u do thats not the
end of ur damn family so what if a boy gets married there is no difference.
why wouldnt they be happy about having a girl i pray an hope my baby is a

Nace Y says:

@trevwrc go back to india

trevo_6 says:

nah what i say is true

gabrielle roots says:

@trevwrc i have a boy already, and i dont care about the name duhhhhhh im a
girl i didn’t keep my giving name!! but the world goes on and im forever my
fathers child!!!

Mai Lee says:

Thank you *blushes

gabrielle roots says:

i just found out i was having a girl friday yaaaaayyy!!!

marieottem says:

So cute! Im having an u/s tomorrow and im also 18 weeks, last time i was
10, so it wasnt much to see! This just makes me so excited!

Yvonne Reilly says:

i just found out mine is a girl and im due march 18th 2014

Mai Lee says:

Aw, congratulations to you!

remiguald says:

The person making comments about the negative side of having a girl is
obviously misled like the thousands of people who kill girls in some
countries, etc. Get with the times freak!

davidlee110 says:

almost like u.s. birth

oxsgirl81 says:

I found out November 16 I am having a girl..I’m so excited I am eighteen
weeks and 2 days now.. : )

Jessica Hurd says:

I just found out im having a girl. and this is my 2nd child and i have a
boy!!!! :) we’re so excited and blessed to have a boy and a girl! :)

MsMidnite94 says:

I’m pregnant and I hope it’s a girl so far I’m 3 months pregnant

Noah's mommy says:

Aww she is so precious! I found out at 16 weeks im having a boy. my next
ultrasound is in 2 weeks I cant wait I love watching the baby moving around
:) Its so very amazing!

systerrebell says:

Wonderful! I am having a week 18 ultrasound tomorrow and this was great to
see, now I know what to expect. :)

Amanda McGinnis says:

How did you get your ultrasound on here Im trying to put mine on and I dont
know how lol… by the way very cute :)

Mai Lee says:


trevo_6 says:

reason is its coz u dont have sex when ur most fertile, if u do when most
fertile ur more likly to have a boy

BEG4MERCY1112 says:

awwww how cute im going for my 18th wk scan nxt friday hope its a girl

Mai Lee says:

Google CLONE2GO DVD RIPPER. That program should do it for you.

kelly McCauley says:

Congratulations! I want a girl so bad, we have a baby boy now we’re trying
for a girl! Fingers crossed!

Naley Xiong-Yang says:

CUTE Maiv! Your baby is so active!

muaggirl moua says:

I would love to see her right now!LOL. I do hope that I can get to see her
first (after you and her daddy).

hoffert16 says:

I just found out I am having a baby girl today

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