Baby boy ultrasound scan video at 22 weeks

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This is my baby boy at 22 weeks. The technician was nice to allow us to take a video snippet of the monitor while she was examining my wife.


Kitschx says:

@imbabyboo2u I don’t think that’s what happened, they filmed it off the
screen while in the room with a video camera. But did you ever figure out
how to upload the ultrasound to youtube? I’m trying to figure out how to
share mine with people.

Kitschx says:

You’re so clever! I went for my 12 week and got pictures on a disc, but at
my 19 week I only got a DVD that I can’t get pictures off or upload onto
youtube – wish I’d thought of this! Congratulations!

pmagsino says:

You can use a DVD ripper to transfer the movie to your computer. From there
you can extract parts of the DVD and convert them to movie files.

pmagsino says:

Kitschx is right. I used my point and shoot camera’s video function to
record the monitor.

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