Amazing 4D ultrasound scan of Baby Ashley @ 28 weeks

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Close It is amazing what technology can do these days. Here is a 4D ultrasound scan of Baby Ashley in mommy’s womb. Check out my latest adventures at


rongchi says:

Hi Nicole, so sorry I missed your message! As you already know, Ashley has
arrived on 15 July. Thanks for your nice comments and being my friend!
Love, Dino

rongchi says:

Hi Ale and Jacko, thanks again for your nice comment! Love, Dino

Jacko Goldy says:

Is a God Blessing your Baby :) *Hugs*

Nicole Theoret says:

Aww, the miracle of life. It always gives me the goose bumps when I see
these 4D ultrasound. There’s actually a human person growing there… When
is the due date? And Dino, I’m sure you’ll make a great uncle taking care
of little Ashley. You’ll guard and play with her all the days of your life.
You’re a good boy Dino! Nicole

Jules. says:

Congratulations Dino and family ! We can’t wait for little baby Ashley’s
arrival ! All the best, Jonah and his mom.

Jacko Goldy says:

Oh Ashley !! so cute, so nice !! Love “Ale & Jacko” Kisses Ashley

Jacko Goldy says:

you welcome Dino, i´m happy too! :)

Jacko Goldy says:

Oh my God!! Congratulations Dino and family that´s emotion!! Beautiful
video!! :)

rongchi says:

Hi Jonah and mom, thank you so much! Love always, Dino

rongchi says:

Hi tapatia0131, thank you so much! Woof with Love, Dino

rongchi says:

Hi Ale and Jacko, thanks so much once again! Woof with Love, Dino

chutchybo says:

amazing even a bit freaky,but i wish i’d had the chance of seeing my babies
like this. congratulations

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