9 weeks ultrasound baby moves!!! (2:19)

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This is my little baby Miracle 3 days after the motorcycle hit me while I was riding my bike home. The baby started moving and wiggling like it was waving at me and it’s daddy. I am so proud of my strong little gummy bear. :)


maripositaamor says:

I’m so sorry I haven’t replied to any of the comments on here. I thought I
had deleted my YouTube channel a long time ago. If anyone wants to use this
video as reference u are very welcome to use it. Especially if it’s a
reference for pro life. We ended up having a little boy at 36 weeks
gestation via emergency c-section. He was born October 21st 2012. We have
had 2 losses since his birth but I am now 26 weeks pregnant with another
boy! I didn’t feel my 1st son kick until 16 weeks but this one I felt since
about 10 weeks so it is possible. Thanks so much for watching one of the
most cherished moments in my life. If u didn’t know, about a week before
this ultrasound I had an accident and we were very worried he wouldn’t be
able to overcome all the odds against him. Now he’s a healthy 18 almost 19
month old! :)

DaMarla Lamar says:

Aww I just had my ultrasound too (: I cried like a baby lol I was so happy

9 weeks ❤️

Cateri Anjelik says:

What a precious baby and how sweet that he’ll be a big brother soon. Thank
you so much for this precious look.

Lanenarosada99 says:

Awwwwwww that was soooo touching it made me teary eyed!! So adorable how
your baby put on a lil show for you. I go for my 2nd ultrasound on Mon @
9wks 3days I hope I get that much movement! Soooo cute! Thanks for


Thank you for posting this video….. thank you. I’m here in tears… 

Natasha Robateau says:

How were you able to determine the gender so early?

Vatoni Chimilio says:

What was your sons heartrate??? diid u have morning sickness??

Jameie Martinez says:

Loved this! I am now 9 weeks with our third and I know I am feeling it
move. The body is such a miracle. Good luck with your second!! And God
bless your first little miracle :)

Savannah Schettle says:

It didn’t move?

tlamblet88 says:

Too precious!

S Pateman says:

Did you have a boy or a girl?!

fuckuandurfakecrew3 says:

Omg that’s precious!!!!

maxi smith says:

omg this is amazing so beautiful so special x

Aimee Mires says:

Hi I’m a high school student and I’m doing a project about the pro-life
movement. I would love to have your permission to use this video in my
project. It’s the most beautiful and best quality. Congratulations on your
baby!! If it’s easier we can communicate on Facebook or you could send me
the video file through Facebook. I would really really appreciate it, the
pro-life movement is something I’m passionate about and I’m passionate
about showing my peers how life exists in babies this age.

Kenia Alvarez says:

Hey was this ultrasound done over your belly?

Ilea Martinez says:

Beautiful video. It made me cry as soon as I saw your little bundle of joy
move. It is so amazing!!! God bless you all!

Edithh Cee says:

Aww this is beautiful:)

Priscilla Padilla says:

Can’t wait for my 9 week ultrasound coming up in 2 weeks….omg!!!!

brooke ss says:

i seen baby move at 1:24 but not at 2:19 but it was AWESOME LOL congrats

alexandra says:

the place i went to get an ultrasound wouldn’t let us record :( I dont see
what the problem was

BDianeHope Zavala says:

Awe <3 this is so precious

RainbowSuperMario says:

I’m currently 22 weeks 5 days, I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks, and my
second at 20 weeks. The second we found out that we’re having a little girl

Blake Liam Monzon says:

Hope I see the same thing next week :-)

lacey brooks says:

im so glad I saw this video cuz I am 9weks pregnant with my second child
and ill be 10 weeks tomorrow..but im laying down and I felt my baby move
and I wasn’t sure if that was even possible because im so early but I
google it and saw that some mothers do feel they baby move as early as 8
weeks pregnant…n when I google videos of babies moving at 9 weeks this
beautiful sweet loving popped up…but anyways lol this is really cute n I
enjoyed watching it :)

desilee12 says:

GOD bless your little gummy bear. By any chance, can you feel it? I’m
pregnant with my fourth baby & I’m 9 weeks now & can swear I feel the
little flutters…especially 10-15 min. after I eat & when I’m lying still
on my bed @ night.

Lupe Ramirez says:

Awww thts how big my baby is rite now

hisprincess1217 says:

I luv this movie

Joshua Drake says:

You suck at capturing video

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