4D ultrasound of 24 week baby

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ProView Ultrasound sponsors a video with family and 24 week fetus. Watch her move her arms and turn her head. Amazing to see what a baby looks like in the womb.


Alexandra Baez says:

so. cute god bless:)

Starfirefan12 says:

I thing they are very cute cuple and God bless tham!! D smile on their face
shows how inecent they r ..I wish all d best and dont lissen to people who
have no brain and can talk from rudness only:-) Bad for tham! Ohh and lady!
You are beautyful,and d smile is a happy smile what every mother have on
their faces!Good luck!

Yasmine koro Kone says:

ouch baby are cramped inside

姫 あめ says:

@cuerock77 That is mean to say. She is a happy mother! I would be that
happy as well!

Tierra Brown says:

Beautiful! Can’t wait for my appt @ 27 weeks!!

Starfirefan12 says:

i love that they holding each other hand!!!!!!!!so cute!!:-) And The
baby!!! God bless you All!!

Rebecca Lord says:

that was beautiful.

Marcel Corona says:

4D ultrasounds rock!!! makethebestchoicescom/pregnanc­y/

kianakeino says:

awww, and ewww at the same time. but still, really cool!!!

c tu says:

shes a excited mother you son of a bitch; Your idiot to give a comment like

cuerock77 says:

hey lady your face looks really stupid

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