4D Ultrasound 20 Weeks finding out gender

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Gretchen Van der Merwe says:

Boy !

TheGwynnSmith says:

Awww congrats! :)

alexandra says:

I’m 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant and I have a strong feeling it’s a boy ^_^

Corrie Sandoval says:

i dont see anything in between the legs. so i say girl!

Scarlett Winters says:

and that isnt you in your pic :L

chrisnovea says:


Monroe Love says:

I thought it was a boy

Mizz Piggy Middletrese says:

Yupp! Theirs the wanger its a boy lol

i Mhoree says:

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lasuperdiva1 says:


Priscilla Sharp says:

I think it’s a boy

lasuperdiva1 says:

They said it in the video, it’s a boy, and you can clearly see it at a
certain point in the video.

LaLa Land says:


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