4D Baby Ultrasound Scan Laughs and Giggles

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Couple having their 4D ultrasound scan bond with their unborn, laugh and giggle in amazement with our sanographer Sharon.
http://4d-ultrasoundscan.co.uk/ 4D Baby Centres and Clinics located throughout the UK, Birmingham, St Albans, Oxford, Surrey 4D Baby Ultrasound is a 3D ultrasound but with movement. It is recommended that pregnant women have this scan at 24 to 32 weeks. Video provided to you by bumps care: Baby Ultrasound and Maternity Professional Services. One Stop Clincs LTD


lexi998800 says:

u shouldent have music on there, i couldent hear it at all

182wardy says:

ive got my 4d scan tomorrow in nottingham ill be 24 weeks and 6 days im so
excited :-) i think i will cry when i see my baby girls face x

mrbrandon71 says:

stupid video…didn’t see shit, really.

lifesaver173 says:

Congratulations on your new baby.

adirandom says:

of course it is. it a god’s gift.

lamuyrayada says:

i want to see the baby not you guyssss!!! congrat!!!!!!!!!!

ashley21babe says:

I don’t see how it’s any business of yours how someone spends their money.

Sarah Parish says:

also with 3d/4d scans it can detect cleft lip easier .. and the sex of the
baby too .. and if theres anything on the exterior of t he babies body this
would be easier to see it with!

TheDonBarracuda says:

3D and 4D scan is not used for diagnosing abnormalities, I dont know who
told you that they are. If you want a diagnosis then you need something
like a nuchal scan a fetal well being assessment. These machines that they
use aren’t limited to only 3D and 4D scanning they are able to switch to
traditional 2D scanning. Technology eh!

TheDonBarracuda says:

oh I forgot to mention that these scans are excellent for parents to bond
with their baby. I think it helps alot, some people do not feel a
connection with their baby, they carry it around for 9 months and it pops
out. I’m sure there are 100 worse things furture parents blow their money

4DBabyUltrasoundScan says:

Hello Mrbrandon71, sorry that your scan was such a disappointment, its a
shame that you are not in the UK near us where we could of met all your

TheDonBarracuda says:

yeh its really hard to hear whats being said but you can hear them laugh!

lioliobrodi1 says:


zeelaharris says:

I dont know about you guys but when I saw my daughter on the 4D ultrasound
for the first time I couldnt hold back the tears… It was truly magical!

jstngardipee says:

Thanks for sharing the happiness.. I wanted to see baby too…

TrustNoFukah says:

Sooo @ n0odles86 lol

tinklroost says:

Not sure what you mean about wasting your money, ntplano.. Every time I get
and ultrasound, it puts me at ease. I get to see how the baby’s
progressing, and listen to the heart beat. Larssonk22 is right, it’s an
excellent way to bond even further with your growing baby!

Nowell Ona says:

Diagnostic Sonography (Ultrasound) was invented as a diagnostic tool! Not
for show. 3D can only see the outside or skin. It is very limited in
diagnosing abnormalities. Remember to ask for a complete diagnostic
ultrasound test and not for a show. People pay so much just to see the baby
in 3D! I cannot imagine what is more 3D than a real baby in the hands of
the mother / father. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Spend your money in your
baby needs!!!

n0odles86 says:

@adirandom God’s gift? Pffft… Don’t think so! I made the baby in my womb
and the ones outside of it. Biology and my partner and I created this child
– no one ‘gave’ it to me as a gift!!

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