3D Ultrasound Baby Scan at 31 weeks

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We decided to treat ourselves and go to a private clinic to have a 3D (or 4d as they call it?) ultrasound scan of our baby to have a sneak peek and get some pictures and video of our upcoming bundle of joy! We confirmed it is a little girl and is due on August 13th.
Many people have asked if our baby will be ‘average height”. The short answer (excuse the pun) is yes. My condition, Diastrophic Dwarifsm is not hereditary and many people find it surprising to learn that my all my family including sisters are average height. The more common type of Dwarfism, Achondroplasia is hereditary which many people including doctors mistake my condition for. Interesting fact: there are over 200 recognised types of Dwarfism!


Fabiola Hernandez says:

Subscribe ing

richw4 says:

@preschoolpimpan Not mad! LOL I actually put details of this in the video
description 😉

Merseymedia says:

Oh that is just awesome! cograts my dear fellow is all I can say

richw4 says:

@TheHaffMeister Cheers Alex! Awwww we all had tears when we saw her, those
3d scans are amazing :)

Vegas3studios says:

@richw4 lol

richw4 says:

@Caddick12345 thanks so much mate :)

richw4 says:

@MelissaMaggot666 I’ve ues that phrase so much recently..I’ll do it again
too awwwwww :)

richw4 says:

@sara31tx It’s incredible the way they have moved on from the black and
white ultrasounds to be able to give parents views like this..although it
does feel like having a sneak at a Christmas present before Christmas day!

richw4 says:

@DDDMartin6189 Thank you so much Diane :)

richw4 says:

@drunkntailgater Going to the scans is brilliant for us dads as it makes it
‘real’ for us as the mums get to feel what’s going on. Funny how many
hospitals don’t do the 3d such as in our areas so you have to pay to have
them done privately…worth every penny though :)

phillipah7 says:

@phillipah7 Correction again: Rich in all—> (his) glory. Proof read three
times, was still not enough.

heather art says:

WOW I think that is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! Thanks for
sharing your miracle with the world, you are blessed.

richw4 says:

@KDStudiosLive Thank you! The next video will be when she is born although
I think we’ll skip the actual details of the birth and wait till after lol

Wireheadking says:

Cool, good luck! I could barely make out a baby in the video but I could
see generally where it’s face was and stuff. It just looked like some
strange yogourt getting swirled around. It looked active so I suppose
that’s a good sign. Anyway, good luck and I hope this baby will be just
what you want.

richw4 says:

@MarleneSB 39 years wow ..an early congratulations from us! Luckily Charli
finishes work in just over a week with a full year off. So when she does
I’ll make sure she gets lots of rest and relaxation, we’ve got most of the
hard stuff done now such as creating the nursery. it’s a lovely new chapter
for us and so looking forward to it :) x

richw4 says:

@r0bb13k That’s so kind, thank you! I’m sure Fonzy will love having her
around he is brilliant with children and babies, such a good nature he has

Alex Haffenden says:

Rich, i’m sooo pleased for Charlie and you, I’m sure you’ll both make
cracking parents! And I won’t lie, I may have got a tiny bit emotion when
the ultra sound was shown at the end! -Alex

LongestHaired says:

Very cute baby you have there mate!

richw4 says:

@157GOLIATH Thank you :)

richw4 says:

@blackcat2enterprises aww thanks for the hugs and well wishes Heidi! It’s
so easy nowadays to capture all these moments, I remember my Dad having his
Cine camera out when we were little and then getting the projector out at
family occasions and embarrassing us all hehee :)

DawndeeDALLAS says:

aww That is amazing. I am so happy for you and your wife…I have not
watched videos in so long and had not known you were expecting…Good luck

phillipah7 says:

For all these past few years watching, “Little Rich” from a single
bachelor to a married man from all the happy moments to all the hardships
that life throws at you. Now! is the moment to watch a new life being born
into this World. Just as the SHAYTARDS, their little one is where a, Star
Was Born. In the next near future from within a dot of no distinction to
life that will shine, All Over this World, Eyes and Ears will perceive a
brilliant light that will outshine, Rich in al its glory.

iPhoneSnappyGuy says:

Aww si sweet Rich love to you, charlie and bump all the best buddy :)

liefvercron says:

1 person is just jealous

KDStudios (Dan) says:

Never apologise for making a baby blog. I think it’s exciting for you both!
Absolutely good luck to your both and can’t wait for your next video :)

rudy826 says:

nice rich im sure u and ur wife will make great parents!

devlynandlink says:

well that awsome man… do you know yet weather it’s a boy or a girl or are
you going let it be a suprise?

8terabytes8 says:

were u in a wheelchair??? not to be rude at all…

David Shafer says:

So a private clinic huh?! Probably better care than the ones run by NHS
right? I mean, the last time you went to one of their hospitals they took
out your funny bone and tried to smooth things over with champaine and a
Bently ride. And at least at a private clinic you got to sit down. I hear
tell you have to stand in ques at the public ones. Anyway congrats man! How
is Fanzy dealing with all this excitment?

phillipah7 says:

@phillipah7 Correction :on the last few words,not al but all.

Nassault says:

Congrads to you and your lovely wife! You guys seem so happy!

MonicaTheMad says:


richw4 says:

@Merseymedia Thanks so much Jack! :)


Well, it looks like she was ready for her close-up! WOW….Rich…..WOW!
Happiness & Delight…..Delight & Happiness…

richw4 says:

@fromruinstudio You are welcome, thank you for watching, had to share as we
too thought the imaging of the scan was just amazing. Puts a face and body
to all those wriggles and movements Charli feels :))

richw4 says:

@LatigidGolana Aww thank you! I am so glad we went for the 3d scan as you
say it really is amazing to see the miracle happening right before your
eyes. We feel so blessed and happy! :)

richw4 says:

@MonicaTheMad Hi Monica! Thanks for popping by…exciting times for us! :)

PuppyZwolle . says:

Amazing . I smiled all the way through. 1:00 You made me think you were
pregnant. ;^)

jman2739 says:

that is so cool congrats on the baby have you decided what to name it ps. i
love the youtube tutorials

richw4 says:

@360gunnings Cheers Tim! Went a bit mad when I went to the hairdressers, I
said give me something a bit radical and ta daaa lol :)

richw4 says:

@KingT0ny100 yaay double celebration! :)

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