25 week 4d ultrasound scan 24/03/09 xxxx

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molly muldoon says:

Simply beautiful

rosemarieopio says:

Absolutly Beautiful!!! Congrats on your lil girl!

LucyCurlz says:

This is so beautiful.

gretchendelis says:

i would never put my babies picture in a cigar lol

Amerika La'Harve says:

Where did you get the video? Did you make it? (What program if so)

NKE272 says:

Please what is the name of this song? It is very beautiful

Raven Hartsoe says:

So pissed my 4d Sucked at 24 weeks :(

jonyquest81 says:

My is 25wks 2days thinking bout doing 3D ultrasound after seeing this wow!

Charlotte Pool says:

I’m seeing my baby girl in 2 weeks at a 25 week scan. :) x

Lindy Bailey says:

Awww bless ya , good luck with your scan they’re amazing xx

Lindy Bailey says:

Hi , it’s ” The first time ever I saw your face ” by Leona Lewis

MsGeorgiaxox says:

omg this is amazing, im 25 weeks now with a little girl and am hoping to
have a 4d scan next week :) xx

Lindy Bailey says:

Thanks, awww congratulations and enjoy , they’re the best xx

hndsmepete says:

I just stumbled upon this after hearing about 3d/4d imaging of babies &
picked this one at random. I have to say that it is an amazing video &
incredibly beautiful. Its incredible to be able to see an unborn baby in 3d
dimensions. Great work on creating the video. You picked a good song & the
good art. Good enough to make this grown man shed a tear.

Lindy Bailey says:

Hi , thanks , yes it was with a programme called “one true media” xx

Lindy Bailey says:

Hi and thanks, it’s with a progamme called “one true media” ,good luck x

sarabellemilne17 says:

i got one of these scans but they didnt put the music n pics up thats fab
where u get it donw

Lindy Bailey says:

you won’t regret it they’re the best , good luck :-)

ElvisBabyPodcast says:

4d ultrasound are amazing great video.

Jadey Bowie says:

Oh my goodness I am bawling! That is beautiful. I’m having my pretty baby’s
4-d done next week at 25 weeks.

lla20091 says:

That was so sweet!

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