21W2D- 1st Ultrasound- Finding out the gender of our baby!

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December 4, 2008, we had our first ultrasound that helped us find out the gender of our baby! We are so grateful that our baby looks cute and healthy. and… finally, now Bryan and I can shop for our baby’s clothes without keeping all the receipts!lol!


tanyasima1 says:

i cnt wait to find out if im having a gyal or boy.

ourlittlemushroom says:

@TaltosGirl hahah…I know..what a relief! lol

muslima374 says:


PrincessPup333 says:


littleladytomboy says:

Why did you call the baby a he before knowing what the gender was?

ourlittlemushroom says:

@muslima374 Thank you! :-) God bless you and your family.

native4life4eva says:

SO CUTE!!!! :)

teresmitch88 says:

I cant wait to find out my 2nd time

TaltosGirl says:

Love the reaction at the end lol

ieatroches95 says:

Oh come on!

ieatroches95 says:

Is it? Is it really? I’m just stating facts. I didn’t say anything mean.

ourlittlemushroom says:

@PrincessPup333 Thank you! :-) God bless you and your family.

Jennifer Lengyel says:

Congratulations! I was watching a clip of the Queen talking about the royal
baby & I ended up on your video. I had tears remembering the love in my
heart the first time I saw each one of my two kids via ultrasound. Life is
such a miracle and blessing from above!

Natalie Card says:

That’s mean…

Jennifer Lengyel says:

And so smart! I clicked on your channel & saw him doing math at 3 yrs old!
My kids are both very gifted & were reading at 4. I almost fell over the
other day while talking to my neighbors daughter. While asking how she
liked 1st grade (she’s 6 keep in mind), I asked what her favorite books are
& she replied “I don’t know how to read – I’m only in 1st grade.” I
couldn’t keep a straight face as the mom said “she’s not interested.. She
will read when she’s ready” unbelievable…

TheAquagoddess says:

Awwwww that almost made me cry!

ieatroches95 says:

No wonder the woman had a hard time figuring out the sex… he’s asian…

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