19 weeks pregnant with baby boy Ultrasound

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xokizza says:

my baby was like that i think almost the whole time but kicking and jumping
soo much. ill have to go in and finish up the scan he wasnt very
cooperative =)

Aarti Bishnoi says:

wow it should be awesome experience. i am 19 weeks pregnant.i cant wait to
see my baby.ur baby is so active.

Katie Perez says:

SO very cool!

Ishotbinladin says:

awwww his little heartbeat and spine

Spencer Bee says:

I can’t wait I will be 19 weeks in a few weeks and we find out the gender
oct 25

4Kids and a Husband says:

aww thats lovely xxx

joymollisia says:

I am 19 weeks also ultrasound is scheduled for this week can’t wait

neena ashraf says:

awww you have a very active baby.. how do you sleep at night.. i am 19
weeks 1 day and the baby is already keeping me awake

Brooke Elstone says:

i get my 19 weeks ultra sound tomorrow and im pretty sure ive just started
feeling movement, it feels like thumps and rolling like a muscle spasm =]

thechristykay says:

wow this ultrasound is so clear! i’m so ready to get mine

MsRatchetChick says:

i’ll be 18 weeks and 6 days my next ultrasound… september 25… due date:

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