18 week ultrasound GENDER REVEAL!

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Is it a BOY or is it a GIRL?
If you haven’t watched our “GENDER REVEAL PARTY” go check it out:

This is the ultrasound that confirmed what we were having!! The coolest part is when the baby swallowed, opened their mouth, and stuck out their tongue!!


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Ashley Keene says:

I love this video got me so excited to find out the gender of my baby

tempest hall says:

awww but fire the camera man

Angela's Happy Family says:

Cute! We have our ultrasound on Thursday afternoon and will be uploading
that with the gender reveal on Friday!

Fam Bam Vloggity says:

You have to check out our gender reveal!!! I made it the trailer on our

Colleen Tibbs says:

I’m actually 18 weeks and find out the gender soon. It’s so cool to see an
unborn baby suck their thumb.

Modesty Baby says:

Best ultrasound video ever

MrBrockslady says:

Love this video!!! 

Sam Clayton says:

Even in the womb she was sticking out her tounge, how cute

Ashley Rhodes says:

I go on Friday to find out the gender :) ahhh so excited 18 weeks

Kirsten Tucker says:

I go on Jan 6 for genda revvvaaaalllll. But really. We think it’s a gal.
Hmmmmm let us see 

chavez7093 says:

My next ultrasound will be in a couple of weeks and I’ll be 18 weeks that
same day! Can’t wait!

chavez7093 says:

My next ultrasound will be in a couple of weeks and I’ll be 18 weeks that
same day! Can’t wait!

natalia ramos says:

This is the most cutest ultrasound ever!!!! My next sonogram next month,
I’ll be 18 weeks too! Its so amazing!!! :-)

Besaha1 says:

Congrats, those 3 lines were very clear, you have a perfect family now.

jackiesesthetics88 says:

Congratulations!! I had my baby girl in September. Welcome to the diva
party! My little girl is quite the princess already but oh so much fun!!!

momma2be 2015 says:

gavin looks like such a big boy

Farrah Hays says:

that was the awesomest ultra sound ive ever seen

96neshat says:

Just adorable…congrats

Logan Sullivan says:

Yaaaay! I wanted you to have a girl so bad!! Lol so happy for u guys!

Brandon Olson says:

I’m 11 1/2 weeks with my first! I can’t wait to find out what I’m having
:-) Congrats on your baby girl!

EmilyW147 says:

Beautiful! X

h says:

geez i am super excited i am 17 weeks and i have to wait till i am 21 weeks
to find out it sucks because i know it is possible to findout now

Shell Bell says:

omg that is so cute

catherine clark says:

Amazing :-)

jamichelletheharris says:

This is the coolest ultrasound I’ve ever seen! :) Congrats to you!

Tamara Becker says:


Patty Wood says:

This tech was a dud huh? She’s not very enthusiastic or excited. I hate
when they don’t at least fake it!

TheOneAndOnlyMe92 says:

I couldn’t watch your gender reveal video because of the music copyright
infringement blahbla :(

Gkaitie says:

so precious!!!! can’t wait to hear the name you’ve picked!!

Elise Nelson says:


Renee Nicole says:

that is so amazing to see the ultrasound and watching them swallow! I can’t
wait to experience that, congrats to you Allison and Jacob and little Gavin!

Nikki cleaves says:

Love it!!!! congrads hugsss

Natasha Lacey says:

Congrats on the baby girl…i have an 8 month old daughter, little girls
are so funny because you can dress them up, put bows in their hair, etc. :)

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