16 weeks Ultrasound – It’s a Boy!!!

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Our first baby – we had to find out the sex of the baby at the optional 16 week ultrasound (4/13/2010). It cost us $125 in Roseville, CA. I do know many places that do these for cheaper (around $45 – 80) so make sure you compare prices. The place we went was the same clinic we went to so it’s just convenient for us. Also they do have a big screen Plasma TV so we were both able to see the baby very clearly that’s a big plus. Good luck to all and wish you all happy and healthy pregnancies.


How to Have a Baby Boy? says:

$125 is not expensive if what you want can be achieved. I’m so happy for
your healthy baby boy :) Congratz and God bless…:)

Myoma Kapya says:

My next ultrasound is next week at 15 weeks and 5 days I can’t wait to see
my miracle again..

Valershu says:

*Ba by gender determination before birth and conception. Determination by
photo of parents. To do this a have facebook account and group. Group is
called Baby gender by parents photo…!*

Roberto Rojas says:


Mizz Piggy Middletrese says:

Aw! Am gonna be a mommy too and I’m so exited to find out tomorrow much
love for u and ur baby :)

Nia Rich says:

Congrats had my ultrasound today and im having a girl! :)

missingangelANGEL says:


Samarkanita Sharifzoda says:

Omg how beautiful, got tears of joy,:) I can’t wait to find out what I’m
having, I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant also. Great u/s video.

BlushBaby88 says:

SAD:( many views no comments to at least say CONGRATULATIONS!!! well
CONGRATS Hun!, Blessings to your family! Im currently 16 weeks pregnant and
can’t wait to find out what Im having:)

jaylove261 says:

me too! lol

Katie Ryan says:

Beautiful :) 16 weeks today, but i have to wait 3 more for the anatomy

Meagan Keyport says:

My friend is 16 weeks pregnant also and she is so excited to find out the
sex of the baby

Tina K. says:

So its a boy or not :-)

Aijaz Ahmad says:

no matter a boy or a girl, pray for healthy child

Kmulero1 says:

Oh gosh!! Congratulations!!! I’m 16 weeks pregnant and in three more weeks
I go for my ultrasound. Hope its a BOY!!

Bo Mhayhay says:

The resoluation is great, do you remamber the type of equpiment used please?

kcrae1982 says:

I have 4 more days to find out and it seems like 4 more years!

Carrie Sholes says:

These are SUCH clear pictures, with all the bones! Amazing! I’m 16w and
hoping to have the gender u/s next week from a friend of mine; I was just
trying to see what it would look like. So awesome. :) (A lot less room in
there than I thought!)

cari turner says:

Please pray I have a boy

krystal5269 says:

I love this :) i am 16 weeks now and find out next month the sex of our
baby, praying for baby boy #2, congrats to you and god bless!

.YunieQueen. says:



Very nice and informative.We saw this and similar ultrasounds & recently
went in at 16 weeks 5 days. This was in PA and cost 95$ for the Gender

tb9800 says:


Eminy Sanz says:

Thanks for sharing. I bet those $125 was the best anyone can spend to get
so much joy!!

Babydahl Misti says:

It sure. Is a boy no dought

mhaeyii says:

i want a baby boy , im 12wks n days now :)

TheFLgirl82 says:

Made my cry. Reminded me of my first ultrasound that my son’s father
refuses to give me a copy of:) Thank you

LoverGirl22BX says:

Beautiful ultrasound! Yeahhy team blue!

Patricia Summers says:

woah! so nice!!

Sasha Touchet says:

Hey! I just did My 16 week pregnant update! Please view it. Not asking for
subscribers! <3

0findinghome0 says:

only a few more weeks till I find out soo exited :) congratulations btw :) x

sarah disclosed says:

this is so sweet! i think its good people try to find out the sex, so now
everything is blue, Blue BLUE!!!! congradulations, i wish you two a happy
and healthy little child <3

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