15 Week Baby Ultrasound – It’s A GIRL!!

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rmrojo02 says:

I am 15 weeks/2 days today and we find out the gender on June 11th! We have
two boys already so I am really hoping that my ultrasound looks like yours
:) Congrats!

Amanda Stumbaugh says:

omg my little girl did the same thing with her legs!! She gets mad every
time an ultrasound tech went near her private area lol! I’m 35 weeks and
awaiting her arrival hopefully soon but not too soon!!

Jessica Hurd says:

CONGRATS!!!!!! i just found out that im having a girl..but they couldnt
tell me for sure because i was to early.. i measured 15 wks 4 days and she
couldnt tell me but my sono looks JUST like yours!!!

broken163ilvdu says:

im fifteen weeks and hopin for a girl

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