14 Week Ultrasound

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hey everyone!
baby b is now 14 weeks along and is apparently a little rock-and-roller!
we had an ultrasound the other day, and he / she wouldn’t hold still long enough for the technician to get a clear photo…except when i took out the camera and started taping, of course. 😉


Stephanie Phillips says:

they won’t let us use a camera at our ultrasound due to new ultrasound
machines somewhat and this little baby is active also I am 14 weeks not
sure what we are having but good luck on your pregnancy. 

melissa chase says:

mute the song

Faith Cruz says:

im 15-16 weeks along with my second baby and im soon to be 25 yrs old

nluvwithlayne07 says:

when did you start showing wit your first pregnancy? I am 11w4d along in my
first- 18 years old, and i am still not showing…it scares me that
something is wrong…

chiefnicks says:

@jekorb thanks…little boy!

Treshay Harris says:

I want a boy I get to find out today war im having

raysha jacovy says:

Aww!,I’m 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby, can’t wait until I’m further

Kiwanna Hampton says:

I’m gonna record mine too!!

Kirsty b says:

did baby a miscarry?

chiefnicks says:

@nluvwithlayne07 it took a while for me to show with the first one. i
probably didn’t look truly pregnant until i was at least 16-18 weeks along.
with my second, i popped out a lot sooner. just keep going to your prenatal
appointments and taking care of yourself, i’m sure everything is perfectly
fine. it’s normal…you’re just young and it’s your first! congratulations
to yoU! take care!

jekorb says:

Congratulations! Boy or girl?

Medusa9Nub says:

@qrztplw After trying for years I finally got pregnant with my first baby
boy. I had to change some habits to increase my fertility. Watch this video
if you want kids >>> bit.ly/Oundnj?=rhzgcg

Lucy Helen says:

aaww im almost 14 weeks pregnant and had my ultrsound at almost 13 weeks
and this baby was the same would not keep stil at all

rayallove says:

How cute! We just had our first ultrasound yesterday at 14 weeks and he was
dancing and waving at us :) Also found out its a boy!

AshlessandAnt says:

cute video

Jess Bowman says:

awwww thats so fantastic! xx


Next time ill record my ultrasound,

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