12 weeks 1 day Ultrasound

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Shakya Brown says:

I had my 12 week 1 day ultrasound today and my midwife said its something
between the legs but she can’t tell us for sure until 18 weeks its so
upsetting. Ugh!

Tutku Serdar says:

bu bebek 12 haftalık olamaz

Juelz Casey says:

I was like 10 or 11 weeks n they did ultrasound at hospital because was
having pain but they showed me my bby it was curled up awe 

Tlo Welly says:

God hand

Helena Oki says:

God is awesome. 

Steph Anie says:

@jessica Hurd.
There is a new way now that they can tell the sex of the baby. I would
switch docs if urs is still old school. 

crazybiznatch says:

Can’t wait for my ultrasound on Monday,I’ll be 12 weeks and 1 day! So
excited to see my little one! :)

Sama Eva says:

Thanks for posting the Ultrasound looking forward for 25 of this month my
first baby and first Ultrasound I’m 12 weeks now ..

mike39648 says:

Aww, that baby trying to sleep and the doctor disturbing him.

lindalovesmusic1 says:

So amazing, God’s creation.

anlong423 says:

aww congrats! I am now almost 37 weeks with him… Not too much longer to

Monic Kevin says:

So precious

Jessica Hurd says:

I have a son whos 1 and im expecting my 2nd child im 12 weeks 1 day and my
doc tells me you cant find out the sex till about 16 weeks….

Karen Serna says:

haha its a boy really clear!! well im 12 weeks and 1 day today .. and
havent had any ultrasound i just hope when i get mine done they could tell
me what im having hoping for a girl due to i have a boy already!

anlong423 says:

@brylinsmom15 Yeah I’ve heard other people say their doc told them that as
well. Idk In our ultrasound here you can clearly see he is a boy. He is now
2 1/2 years old =) So hard to believe it’s been that long. Congrats on your
2nd child! =)

aslı Hamdioğlu Çevik says:

today my baby is 12 weeks 1 day

Kary Ness says:

Definitely a BOY ‘nub’ :)

quechelle666 says:

ive just had my scan today at 12weeks 1day….they did it so fast and no
where near as detaled as this one. nice to see my lil baby though.

Charlotte Pool says:

I had one today and she said she can’t let me hear the heartbeat because
using a doppler is too dangerous. :/

Jennifer Wolfraim says:

This is so clear! They couldn’t tell that early on could they? The sex I
mean? I have my ultrasound at 12 weeks and three days tomorrow. Was this an
internal one or just an external ultrasound?

anlong423 says:

@BubblyEdwards you are welcome.. congrats on your pregnancy! Cherish every
moment of it, once the baby gets here it will grow sooo fast. My little boy
will be 1 yr old in 3 months! I cant believe it

mommymisty416 says:

This is so beautiful i started crying lol i am 12weeks pregnant and i have
wanted this baby for along time i have a 3year old and i have had
3miscarriages over the past 2years so i am very excited…i hope i am
having a boy :)

tanyasima1 says:

lol u can tell its a boy, hes got alot of energy movin around. i wonder wat
im gna av. im 10 weeks today :) x

littlemissmakeup87 says:

I’m 11 weeks today it’s going well fast

Ashton Kilker says:

lol your both very lucky, my doctor doesnt tell you untill atleast 20
weeks! im 13 weeks and dying to know the sex of my third child!

alexandra says:

Usually if its a boy, you can tell as soon as 10 weeks, only if baby makes
it possible for the doctor to tell.

sara graham says:

<3 thanks for sharing

merahi02 says:

Thanks for sharing your video.

kriquit says:

@aslihamdioglu Today I am 12 wks 1 day! :)

MrAms1988 says:

what was the heartbeat? how many per minute!!!!! im 12 weeks n mine was 146
pr minute n i think im pregnant with a girl

blehh853 says:

awwwwww on my next visit im going to be 12 weeka 2 days. i really really
hope i get an ultrasound!! :,) i think ultrasound for us pregnant woman is
like taking a kid to disneyland lol

Nancy Carrillo says:

w0w ! Amazing they could tell he was a boy @ 12 weeks… I’m 12w1d today
and I wish they could find out the gender at this point.

Angela ProudMommy says:

This is wonderful! 😉

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