12 week ultrasound 3D/4D baby

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baby is moving and kicking all over, and even grabs little feet!

update: yes, it’s a boy! although this was technically “too early to tell” many family/friends were sure it was a boy… which the next ultrasound confirmed :)


women"s era*** says:

12 week old unborn moving in womb***

Dasianae North says:


Adrianna Nelson says:

This is sooo cool!! I had no idea these ultrasounds were so advanced!

kawai8709 says:

Hehe so cute

roxynlexysmommy says:

Looks like a little boy to me, am I right?

Michael Taylor says:

That’s not dancing.

Diana Salazar says:

amazing to see the new technology,they didnt have this type of ultrasounds
back when I was pregnent,u are lucky to see your baby grow inside you.

Amber Wheeler says:


oxsgirl81 says:

saw a boy too lol dat was cute

Vanna Williams says:

you see its a boy wow

nevarinstar says:

Yep, definately a boy- he’s 4 weeks old now! When the video was taken the
tech said it was too early to tell but we’ve been pretty sure all along!

der247 says:

He’s a busy baby… I can’t wait to get mine done in 3D… Just two more
weeks and I’m so excited…

leighton tipping says:


rosemarieopio says:

My ultrasound tech also informed me @ 12 weeks I was having a boy, and she
was right.

nele zulu says:

cute lil human!

Dawn Gray says:

before i even read your post, i saw it was a boy. he gives you the spread
eagle at 16 seconds. Congrats! I have an ultrasound at 13 weeks pretty
quick here, and am hoping to find out. hopefully, my lil one cooperates as
well as your did.

Karen Serna says:

so i guess its easier to tell about boys than girls this early isnt it?

Jjester08 says:

I am 12 weeks today! I got for my 3rd ultrasound tomorrow! This is our
first child!

ashcarvic says:

no way. You can find out really soon! 4D will show it up really well. I
found out at 12.4 weeks I was having a boy without 4d lol and comfirmed it
with a 4d lol

chelle21100 says:

Wow! Is that what it really looks like in 12 weeks. . I thought they are a
lot tinier.

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