Talking about my symptoms and my first OB appointment! Can’t say I’m very thrilled with this doctor, watch the video to find out why! Don’t forget to watch part 2 =) Facebook:!/pages/GabeandJesss/136509159703383
My wife belly dancing at 34 weeks pregnant with twins.
video of twins in womb fighting for space have been getting the attention of one and all. These are part of a London medical study, which is showing how twins are trying to get space [More]
Been feeling a lot of movement, no appetite, and super busy! We find out the genders in exactly 2 weeks!! Ahhh! So only a couple more weeks to guess the genders! Go to and [More]
14 Week Update On October 18, 2012 we welcomed our little cutie bear, Julianna onto this world!… Instagram! Itsjudytime Facebook Subscribe to our channel for daily real life vlogs Itsjudytime [More]
Very uncomfortable and growing about an inch a week! We had an ultrasound to measure everything and things look perfect =) We finally fixed our lease and talked to a realtor. Lots of big steps! [More]
her belly looks great and she have much stretchmarks. but looks exciting
She started out with a steady growth for someone expecting twins and then she just ballooned out. She’s all belly.
Enjoy! Facebook:!/pages/GabeandJesss/136509159703383 Incoming search terms:9 weeks pregnant with twins belly
35 Week Pregnancy update Daily Vlog channel: On October 18, 2012 we welcomed our little cutie bear, Julianna onto this world!… Instagram! Itsjudytime Facebook Subscribe to our channel for daily [More]
Been moving so been very busy…. Thanks for watching and subbing 😉
hi and welcome to my channel. My name is Annie. I am the mother to a wonderful 2 year old named Colin and married to the man of my best friend, Eric. Our little family [More]
10 and 11 Weeks pregnant with twins! We had our first intake appointment with a nurse through Kaiser, and then met our new OBGYN Doctor. We’re finally pregnant with baby #1 (and #2!) through our [More]
20 weeks pregnant with twin boys! its flying buy super fast!
Lots going on this week. Enjoy! Join us on facebook for more frequent updates:!/pages/GabeandJesss/136509159703383
Hi my name is Annie, my husbands name is eric and we have a 2 year old son named Colin. Our family of 3 will soon become 5. Follow our journey as we prepare for [More]
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This is my wife who is 29 weeks pregnant with twins. They (very emotional) day before she found that she has Gestational Diabetes. The next say she said “Gestational Diabetes can suck it”.
My hospital appointment The moisturising oils I use for my itchy skin Symptoms And thankyou for watching x
Got a few pictures from our ultrasound =) The first trimester symptoms are slowing going away but the back pain is just beginning =/ Guess the babys’ gender, weight, length, and birthday!: The game [More]
She is BIG! such a cute pregnant girl! Albeit, the belly looks fake at some point when she posing & moving around, they have to make her big i suppose, cause she’s supposed to be [More]
Join me & Lindsey for the online baby shower on January 21st at 1pm CA time on blogTV: Enjoy!
Our P.O. BOX! Weston and Natalie Bennett P.O. Box 24 Stanwood, WA, USA 98292 Also, check out our baby registries! They’re linked to our P.O. box too so now you all can access the list! [More]
she is so beautiful with the huge belly. pregnancy is wonderful or?
Don’t forget to guess the gender, height, weight, and birthdate of our babies at (game name “DoubleTrouble2012”). Add us on facebook: Enjoy!
Enjoy! Facebook:!/pages/GabeandJesss/136509159703383
Don’t forget to guess our babys’ gender and birth date/height/weight at (game name: “DoubleTrouble2012”) Enjoy!
Sorry this video was so rushed! My battery on the camera was low and I’ve had a busy day lol. But anyway I’m officially measuring 43 1/4″ which is how big I was in my [More]
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