This is my belly with baby#3 (Orlando) inside at 26w2d. I’ve had tummy tuck about 3 years ago. So I hope that this can be of help. Sara from Italy
My belly at 5.5 weeks pregnant. 5 years post TT with full muscle repair.
Baby Stubbs moving around in the womb-Tummy cam
We are getting close! Pretty good week minus getting the flu and having to visit Labor and Delivery to get IV fluids & meds. Also my husband and I want to do a maternity shoot [More]
You mentioned that you’re suspicious of pregnancy, and you’ve taken multiple pregnancy tests, which is good – you should do that if you think you’re pregnant – but all of the results have come back [More]
IS THIS THING SAYING WE’RE PREGNANT? (11.9.14) DAY 62 NEW SINGLE: Lover Lay Me Down – on iTunes YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: MUSIC: #1838 Ambient Electronic – Minimal Electronic – [More]
This is my 23 week pregnancy vlog update. I visit the doctor. There is audio and boring video, but you won’t believe that my doctor says about my c-section request! Follow on: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: [More]
Had a full tummy tuck in 2007. This is my 3rd pregnancy but first after the TT. I seem alot bigger than other women who have had a TT and have posted videos on here. [More]
Pregnant Ciara shows off her growing tummy in stylish maternity wear at her Valentine’s Day concert
Only 5 weeks left. Cannot wait to get this baby out its so uncomfortable. Follow me on instagram: rasta_princess
ESPECTACULAR !!!! Increible !!! bebe deslizándose en el vientre de la madre!!! — AMAZING !!! Baby moving in mother’s tummy !!! Spectacular movements!!! Incoming search terms:X vedio combaby x vedio
27 weeks along into pregnancy after tt several years ago. Vloging my experiences
Bumpwatch! Pregnant Elsa Pataky has life preserver painted on tummy for lifeguard photoshoot She’s pregnant with twins and taking every precaution. But Elsa Pataky may have gone just a tad bit overboard. Chris Hemsworth’s wife [More]
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40+1 pregnant after full tummy tuck done back in 2006. Follow my journey. Ive also had 2 previous c sections so will be trying for a vbac with this baby when she decides to make [More]
baby moving in belly, 35 weeks pregnant tummy! … this is the first time baby has changed the shape of my whole tummy!! usually a quiet baby, she was very energetic this time!
Baby boy kicking and moving inside the tummy. 7 months pregnant. Incoming search terms:boby boy kicks in which month
Long boring video but I wanted a video of him moving so here it is.
26 Weeks Pregnant – 27 Weeks Pregnant – My Blog – My Blog Sale – My Facebook – Visit My Sister’s Ebay Store for Amazing Price on Popular Brands – [More]
Yes, I said Fatastic. I think I’ll trademark it. It’s fitting This week I cover my symptoms including yet another trip to Labor & Delivery Weight gain Symptoms And curly hair Follow on: FACEBOOK: [More]
Embarazo gemelar enorme vientre (barriga) 29 semanas. Huge belly. Big tummy Twin pregnancy. 29 weeks
My preg tummy moving around a bit. U can see him practice breathing!
For weeks there have been rumors doing the rounds that actress Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with Justin Theroux’s baby. But till now the speculations haven’t been confirmed. Instead Aniston fuelled these rumors by appearing at [More]
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