Stages of Crawling: Our Weekly Vlog: When do babies start walking? What sort of baby walking toys do they use? What is the average baby walking age? See how our daughter Paloma progressed [More]
Pregnant Gestate Pregnancy Tummy Gestation Time Lapse Wow Amazing Beautiful Baby Mother Miracle
You can license this video for your projects by sending me a message to my youtube account. I took a series of photos every other day as my wife was pregnant with our first [More]
Check out my time lapse pregnancy video that shows my wife’s pregnant belly expanding. The miracle of growing a baby in your belly is shortened down to just 20 seconds. Also, you’ll get to see [More]
Here is a pregnancy video of my pregnant belly growing, which we put together over 9 months using stop motion video with all the pictures we took. Throughout my pregnancy I taught and practiced Pilates [More]
Baby making funny faces In this video a baby sitting in a high chair and holding an ice cream cone is making a very funny face on his parents command Hilarious clip of a cute [More]
thats our baby boy at 24 weeks and 6 days he was really energetic that day….
The NUK Smoothie & Baby Food Maker is a quick and easy way to blend delicious, healthy baby food for your child. This 20-piece set includes six stackable cups and lids perfect for storage in [More]
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