This video(in English with Hindi subtitles) guides expectant parents with the common complaints faced in the first trimester. Natural remedies and precautions for health tips are given for to-be parents. For Information on MEDITATION in [More]
My pregnant belly progression 7-38 weeks. It was just as amazing as my first experience. Feel free to watch my first pregnancy progression here Also you can follow us on instagram @babypiscoya Merry Christmas!
Hey guys! I am six months pregnant and nearing the beginning of my third trimester! This is my second update from this pregnancy where I talk about why I don’t do weekly vlogs anymore, my [More]
New videos every WED & FRI! Hey everyone! I am so excited to be 20 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe we are HALF WAY there! Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe [More]
Second surrobaby – 1 yr and 3 months post tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Starting to see a baby bump there. =) Baby belly after tum tuck
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