7 Unexpected Body Changes Since Having Kids | Post Partum Baby Body. Deflating Boobs, Weight Loss and “The Downtown Situation”; I’m sharing everything they don’t tell you about your post baby bod! There are so [More]
I am back to my Pre-Pregnancy Weight 😀 COMMENT ENJOY SUBSCRIBE
i am now 98 pounds. i lost all my baby weight in about a month after having jayda. i wear size x small shirts, and size 0- 00 pants. My entire pregnancy i gained about [More]
Hey guys! This week I’m talking about what Emilia & I have been up to in her 2nd week of life, what products she & I have been enjoying and I also show you guys [More]
Here was my journey from pregnancy to the postpartum aftermath, with my beautiful, baby twin girls. Visit twinpossible.com for more pics, soon videos, info, featured articles of the month, my blog, shopping for twin gear, [More]
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