Two BFFs are pregnant at the same time! One is on bed rest and they both need pampering. Kandee makes over both of them and their bellies! Who doesn’t want to look and feel their [More]
Pregnancy Blog #7 My pregnancy blogs have been pretty boring, I mainly stay in the house all the time but this one will include running errands , a sonogram picture, and a ruined pedicure. An ultrasound picture of an unborn baby has gone viral after a strange looking figure next to the foetus was spotted by thousands of social media users. The eerie image was posted on imgur [More]
Just an update of my growing belly 8 months!!! We are getting to the finish line!
Big Baby Laugh Cut Baby laughs so hard he looses control and falls over backwards on the bed A strange video pops up just before we see a very cute baby laughing hysterically In fact [More]
My son falling over. Most hilarious thing ever.
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