WELCOME TO WATCH ME Unbelievable footage of baby kicking inside pregnant mum’s tummy Incoming search terms:increasezziX585
Step-by-step how to make the popular “diamond back” ribbon for your homecoming mum. More details on MommyUpgrade.com
My mum deserves every last bit of these surprises. Infact she deserves way more and i hope AND pray that one day i could give her that. I hope you all enjoyed this very special [More]
Unbelievable footage of baby kicking inside pregnant mom’s tummy reminiscent of horror movie Alien The mum in the clip seems to be calm and enjoying the experience but others compared the clip to scenes from [More]
I wanted to share with you all some of my work I have done recently and ealier this year!! I hope you enjoy!!! Be blessed, Rhonda
Tiada kebahagiaan yang lebih indah dari kebahagiaan yang diberi dari ibu.
Being a beautiful mother isn’t about how you look, but how you live! A salute to all the BEAUTIFUL MUMS! #iam #OneProudMum Made using Flipagram Download for Free! http://flipagram.com/get
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A Texas tradition – homemade homecoming mums. This are some shots of my daughter’s beautiful senior mum and homecoming at North Mesquite High School, in Mesquite, Texas.
Taken from 2008 documentary ‘Pre-Teen Beauty Queen’, we witness how Jane Bennington has full control over her daughters appearance whenever they leave the house. Watch the full documentary here: https://youtu.be/0F20P2EjKj4 Want to watch more full-length [More]
Learn how to pipe buttercream mums! Let Beth Somers show you tips and techniques on how to create beautiful buttercream mums to top off your cakes and cupcakes. Stay tuned to see what buttercream flowers [More]
This pregnant woman’s tummy has gone viral thanks to her unborn baby appearing to reenact a scene from sci-fi film Alien. The quirky clip shows the woman’s stomach rippling and changing shape as her baby [More]
In this video, Claire Mockridge, Ante/Postnatal Fitness Expert walks you through 3 must-do exercises all new mums should do on a regular basis to tone up those ‘mummy muscles’ using a resistance band.
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Re-train your deepest abdominal layer correctly to avoid injury and find that deep pelvic strength again after having baby.
Here are 4 exercises for new mums to perform to burn some fat, tone up those problem areas and get the heart rate pumping. Perform 20 reps of each exercise as shown, and note down [More]
During pregnanc and the postnatal period we are all vulnerable to aches and pains and to areas of stiffness. Here, pregnancy and postnatal fitness expert, Joanna Helcke, gives your four excellent exercises that will ease [More]
These superman exercises are a great exercise for new mums as they are gentle on the lower back and focus on the inner most abdominal core muscles. Do this exercise 10 times on each legs [More]
Leg dops are a great exercise for new mums to gently help reconnect and rebuilt strength in your core. It can also be enhanced to make it a more intermediate level exercise. New mums make [More]
Heel Slides – A Safe and effective exercises for new mums. A lot of new mums ask me what abdominal exercises are safe to do after having babies. Heel slides are a great starting point [More]
Busy mums talk about how they fit exercise into life with a newborn baby and experts explain what’s safe and what’s not after you’ve given birth. Get active your way: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/Pages/activelifestyle.aspx
FitMama workouts are designed by fitness and yoga experts and based on two of the latest fitness practices. ‘Fitness snacking’ – doing short bursts of exercise whenever and wherever you can and ‘Supersets’, which we [More]
Learn some simple post natal exercises to help you get fit and active again after giving birth with http://gurgle.co.uk
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