Baby Giavanna moving in mommy’s belly. 9 months pregnant
This is my son Lincoln moving and kicking inside my tummy when I was 37 weeks pregnant. He still is an active little boy who loves to dance.
Watch above the belly button, my baby is moving around:)
18 weeks pregnant baby moving thru outside of belly
this is my wife with my third baby and she moves like crazy!
it’s really hard to capture my baby’s movement,everytime i feel that she/he is going to move i grab my camera and try to take some video of it but i always failed and this is [More]
This is video of our daughter moving inside my wife’s belly. Squirming, kicking and waving hello… Enjoy!
Baby starts moving and kicking early in the morning. This is my first pregnancy. Its a boy!. Almost 24 weeks pregnant:)
My baby boy Dominic moves like this all the time.. Wanted to share this unbelievable experience enjoy!
36 weeks +2 pregnant. Baby J is moving about in there.
A little clip of my baby kicking from inside. I’m 30 weeks pregnant in this video.
90 seconds of my tummy at 8 months/36 weeks pregnant. You can actually see my sons bottom and legs. Amazing footage. He starts to move vigorously after about 15 seconds and this is pretty much [More]
It’s not much but their is a little movement from the babies.
This is Carolyn’s belly at exactly 40 weeks pregnant. And our little boy is getting ready to introduce himself.
my baby moving and kicking in my belly at 31 weeks pregnant. And a lot of stretch marks too!
Baby Moving Inside Mothers Womb. Belly is moving on the right side of the belly, look carefully and you’ll notice The music used in this video was arranged and produced by Tom Cusack. The music [More]
Baby Micah moving around in my belly at 27 weeks pregnant.
Thank you for watching the video! Please subscribe to my channel! I’m 30-32 weeks pregnant (depends on how we count it) This baby girl moves like crazy, wich makes me nauseous again But it is [More]
My belly is moving so much, I tried capturing video of the twins kicking and rolling my belly from the inside out! Its so crazy to watch, I love it. Hopefully you’re able to see [More]
32 weeks, 5 days. Super active Carter at this time of the night. I’m gonna miss these moments once he arrives and who knows if we’re gonna have anymore kid(s) after him so I’m enjoying [More]
Baby J is especially active today. Please excuse the quality as its recorded on the iPhone, excuse the furriness, unfortunately one of many symptoms pregnant women experience and excuse the writing on my belly, I [More]
Yes, I admit it looks a bit creepy but it’s mommy’s and daddy’s little miracle foolin’ around in my belly! Week 31 (30+2)
I keep on trying filming our baby’s movement but with no luck, but this time I finally caught him/her?!
No idea what this baby’s doing, but it is so much fun
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