Here’s my pregnant belly at 12 weeks 3 days! I seem to get bigger in the evening but shrink down by morning time.
My 16 week update. I went to the Dr again this month and got to hear the heartbeat for the first time YAY! I can’t wait for my 20 week anatomy scan to find out [More]
Hello this is my tummy at 3 months with my second child. I wasn’t so big with the first one.
A week before my 3 months I felt something moving so I record it by putting my phone ontop of my belly lol
First Ultrasound & birth defect test, cravings, symptoms, & belly shot!
Updates from week 4 up until now (week 12). Check back for weekly updates!
I was filming this video during my whole period of pregnancy. Starting from the fourth month untill the last , composing all scenes into one dance at which my belly grows. The final part in [More]
Trayona’s pregnancy Vlog half way through this journey. 21 years old, 1st pregnancy, new mommy to be. Here is the link to my Labor & Delivery video Thanks for all the support! Comment and [More]
In this weekly vlog I will be talking about new pregnancy symptoms, cravings and other pregnancy related things.
Dec 11,2012 Getting home from my Appoinment my baby’s heartbeat beats at 152 and i weight 124.8 29 weeks and 2 more days to turn 30 weeks My belly is getting bigger and my baby [More]
Here is my pregnancy from the beginning to the end =]
Getting big! Baby girl is growing fast & very active. Follow My Instagram @myfamilyof3 Catch My Blog
Hey everyone I can’t believe i’ve reached 7 months already!! only 2 months left to go!! I forgot to mention that i had my midwife appointment and i had an examination which she found that [More]
Walking around the store and came across a nice size baby bump
I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. – 1 Samuel 1:27 ♡Our Pregnancy Announcement Baby#3: ♡Gender Reveal Party Baby#3:
***FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES*** Twitter: @imjustash_ Instagram: @ashleygram7 Facebook: ***MY WEBSITES*** {blogs, pics, merch and more!} {recipes, merch, and more!} ***VIDS TO WATCH TO GET TO KNOW ME*** [More]
There is nothing better than a pregnant belly. Here she is at 8 1/2 months along. If you have a dog go to :
Can’t Sleep? 100% Natural Sleep Aid Supplement “That Works” Wake Up Rested & Rejuvenated at 2 Months Pregnant — The second month (5-8 weeks) of pregnancy is the most important phase in your baby’s [More]
What a week!! Baby and I are recovery well and so happy we made it to 20 weeks pregnant! We can not wait to meet our little bundle
I have my own critiques and can only wish I could be as awesome as Sadie, but here is my preggo belly dance solo. This was only partially choreographed so please don’t judge too harshly!
Meet Kaydi, 20 yr old female, who is 36 weeks or 8 months pregnant. See her big belly, while her uncle, Hans Moore, interviews her. Stay turned for more, when the baby arrives.. Filmed March [More]
Can’t Sleep? 100% Natural Sleep Aid Supplement “That Works” Wake Up Rested & Rejuvenated at 4 Months Pregnant — This month is reportedly the very best and a lot more comfortable of a period [More]
You can follow me on twitter @teddytrump This video is so amazing, the song by Vina panduwinata and the title is “Anak ku ” which means “my son” , the lyric with english translation is [More]
TAG! You’re it…. Tag questions: 1) What do you wish someone told you about pregnancy? 2) What do you wish someone told you about Labor and Delivery? 3) How did you feel when you found [More]
I’ve made it to 31 weeks and without stretch marks ( Knocking on Wood) scheduled C- Section for February 22nd Yay!!! Baby Boy is coming!! Just having a hard time breathing and some Groin Pain [More]
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