Follow the magical development of a pregnancy week by week. Pregnancy photos on a time line showing the expanding belly from beginning to end.
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Just an update of my growing belly 8 months!!! We are getting to the finish line!
Amber Ray belly dancing 8 minths pregnant to Led Zeppelins the rain song in Long Beach
Actress Hayden Panettiere showed off her growing pregnant belly by sporting just a bikini while on vacation with her fiancé in Hawaii. Check it out
Hey guys this is my 32 week update !! Ahh i am so excited i truly cant believe i am about to have this baby boy soon i cannot wait to see him !!! 10.31.12 [More]
SUBSCRIBE & LIKE When I was 8 months pregnant my baby was kicking me really hard so I started recording just to capture the moment (: Ohh & I’m not pushing my stomach hard it [More]
My pregnant belly movement at 8 months pregnant.
Still amazes me…x Incoming search terms:pregnant belly movement
Not much happened each week, so i just bunched them all together in a month update instead of weekly. This video talks about finding out the gender, baby’s name, symptoms, prenatal appointment, some of our [More]
Half way already!! Wow its flying this pregnancy i cant belive it my belly is growing..
9 months Pregnant girl dancing so active dropping it like its hot Facebook naomi rouse Instagram @queennaomirouse Thank u for watching
I am currently 6w 4d pregnant with baby number two. My first is only 5 months old. I’m a cloth-diapering, baby wearing momma. I was diagnosed with PCOS in December of 2011. It took my [More]
I was around 34 weeks pregnant when this was filmed. Not great quality but around the minute mark you can see baby’s knee/leg/foot poking through the skin-amazing! My gorgeous baby boy was born fit & [More]
Feb.09. See my tummy is getting bigger and bigger 😀
VLOG #1: 9 WEEKS PREGNANT: VLOG # 2: BOY OR GIRL: VLOG #4: sorry about the short video..Thank you everyone for your support and like for more
Updates, ultrasound pictures, and my not-so-big belly.
this is my little girl in my belly moving but she is a little stubborn so it is hard to see wish she would have moved more!!
I came across her while walking down a sidewalk. All excited about her pregnancy, she was very engaging in conversation about her pregnancy.
My baby boy this week (2/5/12) listening to music with mama Can’t wait till he gets here, would like it to be soon!! Due date is Feb. 19, 2012!! I am a UK Mum of 3 all delivered by C-section and this is my 9 month tummy tuck update video after visiting my Surgeon. This video shows the length of the healing process [More]
Woman rubbing her pregnant belly Incoming search terms:pregnant belly rubbing videos
Hey guys! Here are my outfits of the week Mon-Thurs as well as Sunday’s outfit which was my birthday! I am now 5 months pregnant in this video so hopefully these will give you some [More]
5 months pregnant (UP AND DOWN LANG YUNG MOVEMENTS NG PAGHINGA KO. THE REST SI BABY NA YUN :D) medyo malabo ung cam sayang. hehe.. anyway wait nyu nalang mga next videos ni baby :DD
Second surrobaby – 1 yr and 3 months post tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Starting to see a baby bump there. =) Baby belly after tum tuck
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5 months pregnant.Half way there.:) Really exiting.I love being pregnant.:) Baby flec moves and kicks a lot now.Cutest ever in the world. chelseaandlawrence
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