My baby kicking inside my baby mamaz belly Video by ZEC1E.S.A©
my lil girl is a lil ninja always kicking ttr crap out of belly DO U LOVE MAKEUP CHECK OUT THE LINKS BELOW —————————————-­­—————————————­-­————— GO HERE! FOR MOTIVES COSMETICS AND MORE (make sure to add [More]
36 weeks +2 pregnant. Baby J is moving about in there.
A little clip of my baby kicking from inside. I’m 30 weeks pregnant in this video.
my baby moving and kicking in my belly at 31 weeks pregnant. And a lot of stretch marks too!
thats our baby boy at 24 weeks and 6 days he was really energetic that day….
35 weeks an the baby is kicking. Watch her kick and move my belly around!
31 weeks pregnant after tummytuck. placenta at the front so rarely feel some kicks.
Lisa kicking from inside then she turns over. It is like something from the alien films!!!
Welcome to my little corner in the world of YouTube. I am a SAHM to my two young children ages 2 (almost, in August) and 4 and a housewife to my wonderful hardworking husband. On [More]
My belly is moving so much, I tried capturing video of the twins kicking and rolling my belly from the inside out! Its so crazy to watch, I love it. Hopefully you’re able to see [More]
Baby J is especially active today. Please excuse the quality as its recorded on the iPhone, excuse the furriness, unfortunately one of many symptoms pregnant women experience and excuse the writing on my belly, I [More]
This is an awesome, short video of what to expect when your 9 months pregnant! If you know anyone trying to get pregnant and can’t then have them check out this link:
First time I actually caught her on tape! =) I’ll try to get some more! *29 weeks pregnant*
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I finally got it on camera the very first outside my belly kicks
Baby beveger seg i magen, 38 uker gravid Baby kicking like crazy, 38 weeks pregnant
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Our baby is really starting to kick hard! I can’t wait to see her!
Our daughter kicking my belly as we watch trailers for games. First kick is at 00:15 she kicks about 4-5 times to the left Our Little Baby Girl going crazy in my tummy ♥ I have felt our little girl moving since I was 14 weeks pregnant. With every week that passes she gets stronger and moves [More]
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