A video from when I was about 8 months pregnant with the twins. I was trying to get them moving around on video because there’s just nothing like it! You can actually watch them move!
Baby boy kicking and moving inside the tummy. 7 months pregnant.
Grayson is going to town on that belly!
Baby kicking in my belly. I think I see a foot!
At 9 months pregnant, my baby is stretching me to the limits- with her feet!
This is my son Lincoln moving and kicking inside my tummy when I was 37 weeks pregnant. He still is an active little boy who loves to dance.
A short video of my daughter at 31 weeks kicking and moving around in the belly….
Baby hiccups and kicking at 33 weeks. Our little boxing kangaroo going off!!
Baby kicking inside belly. Bebê chutando dentro da barriga.
27 month old Zachary has a spaz attack feeling his 33 week baby sister kick in mommy’s belly
I managed to record my baby moving in the belly
Baby Emmie doing her first trick: a balancing act! (From inside Mama’s tummy, what an acrobat!
This is part one because my mum decided to walk in only wearing her underwear as you can tell by my face at the end I wasn’t happy lol I did forgot to mention iv [More]
My baby kicking inside my baby mamaz belly Video by ZEC1E.S.A© http://www.myspace.com/nyc2themia
my lil girl is a lil ninja always kicking ttr crap out of belly DO U LOVE MAKEUP CHECK OUT THE LINKS BELOW —————————————-­­—————————————­-­————— GO HERE! FOR MOTIVES COSMETICS AND MORE (make sure to add [More]
36 weeks +2 pregnant. Baby J is moving about in there.
A little clip of my baby kicking from inside. I’m 30 weeks pregnant in this video.
my baby moving and kicking in my belly at 31 weeks pregnant. And a lot of stretch marks too!
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