YOU GUYS! I have crazy baby fever! I’ve been watching all the old videos of Lulu and Wilson…and I’m dying for another. You’ll have to forgive me when I post a few old videos…I can’t [More]
Getting stronger The belly button is going to pop
Our baby kicking when we where 28 weeks along which is the second / third trimester. at the date of this upload, we are about 32 weeks along right now. I shoot a much better [More]
My little one moving in my time around 28th week.
My little boy dying to get out of mummy’s tummy! Just wild! Watch the whole video. He really gets going!
Just one more week until the big gender reveal! Baby is doing very well, and thinks that kicking my bladder and my belly button are the best things in the world. Follow me on Facebook [More]
My baby kicking hard my belly at 32 weeks pregnant
My little Lexi was kicking like crazy last month. (7 months pregnant) I’m now 8 months along, and she kicks a lot harder, but it’s hard to tell when she’s going to start up.
My wife, Mara’s, belly getting kicked like crazy by our little girl Abby, due 7-14-11. She is 36 weeks pregnant when this was taken.
I was around 34 weeks pregnant when this was filmed. Not great quality but around the minute mark you can see baby’s knee/leg/foot poking through the skin-amazing! My gorgeous baby boy was born fit & [More]
Sorry this one is on the short side.. i am super exhausted but wanted to update you all! Yesterday’s Vlog: WTF BIRD? Keep up with my Pregnancy! Subscribe for more Vlogs
Pregnancy is a trip! Baby starts moving, kicking, punching as soon as I lay down.
The video jumps sometimes. That is because I cut out all the lower-action pauses in between the best kicks coz no one wants to wait through those right? This all occurred in about 2 minutes [More]
At the end of the video the baby kicks and u can see the stomach move by the right jean pocket right where the jeans meet the belly. I added a “spotlight” box and just [More]
Pregnant belly growing! It’s amazing! What a pregnant belly expansion! In 7th month with a waist circumference of over 48 inches! My god, in the 7th month! The twins fighting for every little place in [More]
Almost here until Jonah Bryan will pop out and say hello! Babies are such amazing gifts. Incoming search terms:pragnant com
SUBSCRIBE & LIKE When I was 8 months pregnant my baby was kicking me really hard so I started recording just to capture the moment (: Ohh & I’m not pushing my stomach hard it [More]
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