Bathing your newborn for the first time can be scary, but exciting things are happening that go beyond just getting clean! In this video, JOHNSON’S® brand takes you through a step-by-step process for giving a [More]
Baby’s first bath can be a bit nerve wracking for both mums and dads. Jess talks through what you’ll need and the steps to an easy bath time with your baby. Join the conversation: [More]
Two BFFs are pregnant at the same time! One is on bed rest and they both need pampering. Kandee makes over both of them and their bellies! Who doesn’t want to look and feel their [More]
Doug and Glen had always talked about starting a family and after about eight years together the pair decided to fulfill that dream and adopt their first child. For Doug and Glen, the journey to [More]
Getting ready for a baby and adjusting to being a parent can be difficult for any new mom. For Jayleen, finding out she had a baby on the way definitely altered her plans for the [More]
Terah and her boyfriend Michael are new parents, however Michael is an overseas contractor and leaves Terah for months at a time for work. With Michael gone,
Changing a nappy can be a daunting task to many. Watch as Jess and Jasper show you how to successfully change a baby’s nappy, with their simple step by step guide. How best to wipe [More]
Katie and her partner Scott have their first baby on the way. The pair is eager to be new parents, and feel they are prepared when it comes to parenting. Katie plans to work full-time [More]
Amanda and her husband Aaron are newlyweds who couldn’t be more excited to be new parents. Join them as they discuss their before and after pregnancy journey, brought to you by JOHNSON’S®. Amanda explains the [More]
With their first baby on the way, new parents Paulina and Kyle are about to enter the world of parenting. Having a baby presents a huge lifestyle shift for the couple and they plan on [More]
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